Will Boy Swallows Universe Have a Second Season?

What is Boy Swallows Universe about?

Netflix’s recent addition, Boy Swallows Universe, is a screen adaptation of Trent Dalton’s novel that delves into his own experiences growing up. It charts the journey of Eli Bell, portrayed by Felix Cameron, a young boy dealing with trauma in the working-class milieu of 1980s Brisbane, who finds himself entangled in its dark underbelly to protect his mother, enacted by Phoebe Tonkin. With his biological father out of the picture and a heroin dealer as his stepfather, Eli’s life is fraught with challenges.

Dalton’s original work, his inaugural novel released in 2018, takes place in the year 1983. The series adaptation for Netflix comes from the pen of John Collee, known for scripting films like ‘Master and Commander’ (2003), ‘Happy Feet’ (2006), and ‘Hotel Mumbai’ (2018), and is brought to the screen by producers Andrew Mason and Troy Lum.

Critically acclaimed, ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ garners an impressive 89 percent critic rating and a 90 percent audience approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

Netflix premiered all seven episodes of ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ on the 11th of January.

Is there a second season of ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ coming on Netflix?

As of January 2024, there’s no word from Netflix about a renewal for Boy Swallows Universe. Given that the series is an adaptation of a standalone book and was promoted as a limited series, it’s not anticipated that it will continue past its initial run of seven episodes.

What did the author Trent Dalton say about the adaptation?

Regarding the screen version of his book, author Trent Dalton shared his pre-release jitters in a conversation with The AU Review at the Brisbane premiere. He joked about the pressure to get the adaptation right, mentioning a recurring piece of advice he received: “Don’t mess it up,” acknowledging the significant anticipation surrounding the show.

Dalton expressed surprise at the impact his book has had, noting that he had never imagined his narrative would resonate so deeply with so many people. He mentioned that the personal stories of young mothers and others who have lived through similar experiences as those depicted in his book often reach out to him, grateful for the way his story echoes their own or those of their family members.

What inspired Trent Dalton to write Boy Swallows Universe?

In an interview featured on townsvillebulletin.com, Trent Dalton expressed profound admiration for his mother, considering her his personal hero. He shared that she was the inspiration behind the character Frankie Bell in his book, acknowledging that the breadth of her resilience and the adversities she overcame are more than he could ever fully capture in his writing.

He revealed a personal detail that mirrors the narrative: his mother, like Frankie Bell, was absent for two years. The segments of his novel where the child yearns to see his mother again, he admits, are particularly personal and poignant to him.

Is Boy Swallows Universe based on a true story?

Trent Dalton, the author of ‘Boy Swallows Universe,’ describes the book as a blend of fiction and reality. He recalls Slim Halliday as a father figure and a beacon of guidance for his family during the early 1980s. Halliday, a real person, was notorious for breaking out of Boggo Road Jail on two occasions in the 1940s and was later found guilty of murdering Athol McCowan, a 23-year-old taxi driver from the Gold Coast, in 1952.

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