Who is Savannah Smith from Gossip Girl?

Savannah Smith’s Personal Life

Born on July 27, 2000, Savannah Smith is a proud Leo, known for their charismatic and dynamic personality. At 22 years old and standing 5 feet 7 inches tall, Smith is a native of Los Angeles, California. She’s currently based in New York, honing her acting skills at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. While relatively new to the acting scene, Smith’s net worth is expected to rise significantly, especially with her role in ‘Gossip Girl,’ where Netflix show casts typically earn around $20k-$30k per episode.

Identity and Relationships

Smith, who identifies as bisexual, has expressed the importance of her role in ‘Gossip Girl’ as a Black, bisexual woman in the media. In her interview with Wonderland Magazine, she emphasized the responsibility and dream come true it is to be part of such a groundbreaking project. As for her relationship status, Savannah appears to be single, though she keeps her private life discreet.

Who is Savannah Smith from Gossip Girl? | saureal.com

Monet De Haan: Savannah’s Role in ‘Gossip Girl

In ‘Gossip Girl,’ Savannah Smith portrays Monet De Haan, a student at a prestigious New York private school and one of the ‘cool girls.’ This role marks her first major TV appearance, a significant leap from her voice role as Kasi in Disney Jr.’s ‘Lion Guard.’ With ‘Gossip Girl’ being her first significant on-screen role, Smith is expected to add more acting credits to her name soon.

Who is Savannah Smith from Gossip Girl? | saureal.com

Savannah Smith’s Must-Haves

Savannah Smith, the breakout star of HBO Max’s ‘Gossip Girl,’ shared with E! News the four essentials she can’t live without. Topping her list is the Apple iPhone 12, which she considers crucial for safety and navigation in New York City. Alongside her phone, Smith swears by Humphreys Witch Hazel, a natural skincare brand she’s partnered with. She often alternates between toners to suit her skin’s needs, particularly favoring the Humphreys Witch Hazel Soothe & Clarify Witch Hazel with Rose Organic Facial Mist to keep her skin refreshed.

Who is Savannah Smith from Gossip Girl? | saureal.com

Unlike her character Monet de Haan in ‘Gossip Girl,’ who is known for her self-serving tactics, Savannah Smith places great value on her friendships. Speaking to E!, she expressed, “My happiest moments are when I’m immersed in activities I adore, surrounded by the people I cherish.” For Savannah, happiness comes from attending concerts, sharing music with friends, spending time on set, and simply relaxing in her bed.

Who is Savannah Smith from Gossip Girl? | saureal.com

A Singer-Songwriter at Heart

Beyond acting, Savannah Smith is a talented singer-songwriter. She has been singing since she was three and often shares her music on Instagram. With plans to return to the studio post-‘Gossip Girl,’ fans can anticipate new music from her. In her conversation with Town & Country, she revealed her commitment to her music, stating it’s a vital part of her identity and something she doesn’t plan to abandon.

Career Update

Savannah Smith has been cast in the iconic cult classic’s television adaption of ‘Cruel Intentions’. This new adaptation, which has been in development for a couple of years, will also star Sarah Catherine Hook as announced recently. Smith will portray the character of Annie Grover, a role initially intended for Myra Molloy.

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