What to Read This June 2021

Seven handpicked books releasing this month

The hottest months of the year are nearly gone and the monsoons are almost here. But here we are again, stuck at home, with nothing much left to do. So why not pass the time by reading some books? In this insane time which is fueled by recklessness, getting some me-time with the books just might help you. So, we bring to you- What to read this June 2021. Here is our list of seven handpicked books that will be releasing this month.

Animal (Fiction/ Thriller)

What to Read This June 2021

New York Times bestseller author, Lisa Taddeo, crafts a gut-wrenching story based on an imperfect protagonist- Joan, who witnesses a violent act at the hand of (yet another) man in the city of New York. She escapes to the hills of Los Angeles, where she must finally face her inner demons with the help of a woman from her past- Alice. Will Joan vanquish the horrors of her past is something you will have to find out by reading the book.

The story never pans out the way you expect it to and the plotline twists and turns to keep you on the edge. It is so dark and gritty that it feels more unreal than real at times- but rest assured, such instances of manipulation and abuse do happen in real life. Additionally, here’s one review- “Animal is a depiction of female rage at its rawest, and a visceral exploration of the fallout from a male-dominated society.”

The book is expected to be released on 8th June, 2021.

An Atlas of Extinct Countries (Non-Fiction)

What to Read This June 2021

Have you ever heard of countries that have gone extinct?

Our society’s need to revere a socio-political construct with (sometimes) whole-hearted, but mostly feverish and misplaced passion is so great that this very question seems absurd to most of us. Yet, rest assured there are countries that once existed but are long gone now.

Gideon Defoe presents an atlas of 48 such extinct countries. Some of them were whisked out of existence because of greed, some of them were conquered and others just decided to not be a country anymore. Defoe’s humorous prose accentuates the real-life drama that went behind the ‘death’ of these countries.

To find out more about these countries, read the book when it releases on June 8th 2021.

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Instructions for Dancing (Young Adult/ Romance)

What to Read This June 2021

If you have read or watched Everything, Everything and The Sun Is Also a Star, and absolutely loved them- there is a good reason why you should be excited this June. Award-winning author Nicola Yoon is back with her third novel Instructions for Dancing.

Centered around teenager Evie Thomas, the plot follows her journey as she falls for X, whom she met in a dance studio. Evie also hides a very peculiar gift- she can see when and how relationships. This just makes it even more complicated for her to commit to the ever-charming X.

Catch the book as soon as it releases on June 1st 2021.     

The Puma Years (Memoir/ Autobiography)

What to Read This June 2021

Life of Pi might be fiction- but this story set in the jungles of Bolivia is actually true.

Writer and activist Laura Coleman pens her memoir based on her experiences in a wildlife sanctuary set on the edges of the Amazon rainforest. Here, she was paired with a very complex animal- Wayra the Puma. Wayra and Laura would go on to form a friendship that would last years and lead to discoveries of not just the self, but also of love and healing for Luara.

Wayra, a bunch of suicidal monkeys, a desperate parrot, a sorta-funny pig and a hundred other animals; apart from animal whisperers, wildlife volunteers, a prom queen and Laura herself form the cast of this real-life story. They will take you on a journey which will enthrall you at the same pace as it helps you understand why animals are necessary to human survival. After all, more than anything else, they are our co-passengers on planet Earth as we travel together through vast expanses of space.

The book will be available for you to read by June 1st 2021.   

The Ninth Metal (Science Fiction)

What to Read This June 2021

Ever wondered what would happen if an asteroid actually hit Earth?

Benjamin Percy, whose earlier works were included in Best American Short Stories and Best American Comics, discusses that very possibility through The Ninth Metal, a science-fiction novel set in the town of Northfall, Minnesota. Rather than just focusing on human tragedy that was caused by the impact event, Percy shifts to the political and financial ramifications that would be brought upon by such an event.

The Frontiers are a dynasty of iron-ore industry leaders who face threats from foreign governments and other corporations after a new metal is discovered in their hometown- Northfall. But even greater threats exist in the form of the family itself- and their own government. Everyone scrambles to get their hands on the mineral rights and control mining operations.

Get your hands on this thrilling science- fiction novel as it gears up for release on June 1st 2021.     

Poison Ivy: Thorns (Graphic Novel)

Seven handpicked books releasing this month

Delving deep into the psyche of the famed anti-hero DC character, Kody Keplinger, crafts a story around Pamela Isley’s teenage years- before she transformed into Poison Ivy.

The red-haired girl who would go to any lengths to protect and nurture a few plants, Pamela is extremely suspicious of men and highly secretive. Her quiet demeanor begins to change once she meets Alice, a young goth. But Pamela had been warned before too, there are secrets she has to hide for the safety of the only person who ever cared about her- her own mother.

Illustrated by artist Sara Kipin, this gothic-horror graphic novel will be available to readers from June 1st, 2021.   

The Wolf and the Woodsman (Fantasy)

Seven handpicked books releasing this month

The last book in our list of what to read this June 2021 is ‘The Wolf and the Woddsman’. Inspired by Hungarian history and Jewish mythology, Ava Reid crafts a fantastic story that revolves around mysterious pagans, royal blood, ancient magic, powerful monsters and two people who are caught in their midst.

Évike is the sole woman in her pagan village who is her powerless- which makes the other villagers think that she is cursed by the gods. An outcast, she is tricked into becoming a blood sacrifice for the King. But the Woodsmen who were tasked with escorting her back to the King are attacked and everyone perishes- everyone except the one-eyed captain and Évike.

Find out what happens to them next when the book releases on June 8th 2021.

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