What Did Sydney Sweeney Say to a Fake Dietician Claims?

Sydney Sweeney isn’t letting any fake dietician claims slide on her watch. Sydney Sweeney is all about keeping it real, especially when someone’s spinning tales about being her dietician. With her cred rising from hit shows like Euphoria to The White Lotus, and now with major roles in Madame Web and Anyone But You, it’s no shocker her name’s getting dropped left and right for some secondhand fame. But Sydney’s calling out the BS when she sees it, especially when it’s a full-on fib.

So check it, some now-zapped IG account was spreading this story about being Sydney’s food guru for years, supposedly swapping her eats to score those dream roles. They even shaded her go-to snack, Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese, as a total nutrition no-go.

Once that post started catching fire, Sydney jumped into the comments to set the record straight: “I don’t know you and Kraft mac n cheese is for life.”

Twitter’s been rallying behind her, with peeps calling out these wannabes for trying to hitch a ride on her star status. It’s a whole mood of support for authenticity and keeping it 100.

One user tweeted: “That’s so embarrassing, why would you so boldly lie about something so publicly.”

Another chimed in: “I really hate people that try to use other human beings for clout…”

Taking a page from Megan Thee Stallion, it’s like, don’t be the joke chasing fake clout. Sydney’s message? Enjoy your mac ‘n cheese and let the celebs live their lives without the extra noise.

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