Tranquil and Unique Places to Stay in India

Are you planning to have a peaceful vacation trip with your loved ones and family? If you are struggling to find a unique, secluded, and tranquil stay, don’t worry this article will talk about specific resorts, hotels, and villas where you can enjoy your vacation peacefully. 

Most people frequent overrated or popular locations that they know about via friends. However, you may not be aware of the many beautiful places and unique stays you could go to for your vacation. There are a lot of places in India which are unheard of, are secluded spots and offer a different experience. Here are some fantastic places for your peaceful stay in India.

Alila Fort Bishangarh

Place: Rajasthan
Charge: INR 19,950/- to INR 25,960/-

Alila Fort Bishangarh is surrounded by beautiful mountains, hills, villages, and greenery. Rajasthan is known for its culture and heritage. Each place that you visit in Rajasthan will tell you something or the other about its culture and history. Alila Fort Bishangarh allows you to experience the beautiful culture of Rajasthan and have a tranquil stay. 

Ri Kynjai Resort

Place: Shillong Meghalaya 
Charge:  INR 9,143/- to INR 16,068/-

The state of Meghalaya itself is known for its natural beauty. The amazing rainfalls, halls, and beautiful waterfalls make the state even more pretty. Going for a vacation in Meghalaya in the monsoons would be a great idea. You would get a chance to watch the artistic view. The Ri Kynjai Resort is in Shillong city, you get to view the Serene Umiam Lake from the comfort of your room. It is a very unique resort as you get to experience hybrid cottages and huts, which gives you the opportunity of experiencing life away from cities. So what are you waiting for? Visit the place and have a secluded and tranquil stay in Meghalaya.

Guhantara Cave Resort

Place: Bangalore
Charges: INR 5,400/- to INR 6,300/-

If you always wished to experience living in a cave, Guhantara Cave is the perfect resort for you. Many people think that living a caveman’s life is impossible now, however, Guhantara Cave in Bangalore allows you to experience the impossible. You would also get an experience of bull riding and tunnel trekking. Don’t waste your vacation staying in normal resorts, go visit Bangalore and have a unique stay in Guhantara Cave.

Heritage Village Club

Place: Goa
Charge: INR 7,229/-  to INR 17,584/-

Goa is the one of the most popular places in India to have a vacation. Finding a quiet and unique stay becomes a difficult task when a destination is so popular and people throng all days of the year. Heritage Village Club is a beautiful hotel to stay at in Goa. The hotel has a very aesthetic view and makes you feel calm with its pretty rooms. Many people enjoy the seas and weather of Goa and you would not want to miss it this monsoon. Heritage Village Club is surrounded by greenery, plants, and trees, which makes the place even better for a tranquil stay. So, if you are planning a vacation in Goa, make sure to stay at Heritage Village Club.

The Leela Kovalam Beach Resort

Place: Kerala
Charge: INR 14,234/- to INR 25,960/-

Kerala is a place that is famous for its mesmerizing backwaters, beaches, and amazing cuisine. Going for a vacation in Kerala should be on everyone’s wish list. The Leela Kovalam Beach Resort is an amazing resort with a beautiful beach that gives you a peaceful vibe. Most of you want to enjoy your stay in a place which has beaches, so don’t wait. The Leela Kovalam Beach Resort is the perfect stay for you.

Exotica Cruises Houseboat

Place: Kerala
Charge: INR 8,000/- to INR 58,000/-

Staying in a houseboats is a next-level experience and meant for really adventurous people. Perks of staying in a house boat are that you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and be at the centre of the lake/river, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Many people don’t get the opportunity to live around Kerala backwaters, however, you can always go for a vacation in Exotica Cruises Houseboat to experience the adventurous life on a houseboat.

The Machan

Place:  Lonavala, Maharashtra

Charges:  INR 9,143/- to INR 16,539/-

Lonavala is not behind in having a beautiful view and greenery. Many people go to Lonavala for a short trip or a stay to enjoy the beautiful weather. The resort comes with a beautiful view of the greenery and a good view of the weather outside. The rooms in Machan have a very aesthetic vibe that makes you stay there forever. You would not regret visiting Lonavala and having a peaceful stay in Machan.

 Taj Lake Palace

Place: Udaipur 
Charges: INR 35,474/- to INR 1,80,540/-

Taj Lake Palace is known for its royal buildings and structures. Udaipur has a beautiful history of kings and queens. Experiencing such a place would be a treat for anyone. You get the royal treatment in Taj Lake Palace. It will remind you of the amazing ancient times in Udaipur. Don’t wait too much, experience the royal life and get to know more about Udaipur’s amazing history. 

Treehouse Hideaway

Place: Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh
Charge: INR 18,137/-  to INR 24,000/-

Living in a treehouse might have been on most of our wish lists in our childhoods. Treehouse Hideaway gives you the experience of living your childhood dream. Being at the top of the tree is all that we want. Treehouse Hideaway has a unique way of making our trip to Madhya Pradesh adventurous and interesting. The treehouse is situated in the middle of  Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. The place will connect you back to nature, away from the busy city. Visit Treehouse Hideaway to fulfill your childhood dream.

Maharaja Express

Place: New Delhi
Charge: INR 2,77,271/- to INR 18,82,905/-

Maharaja Express is a luxurious train that is owned by the Indian railway. It is operated for tourism and is also run by the tourism corporation. It takes into account four routes, which are around the northwest and central India. It is one of the most expensive train rides in India, however, the luxury and treatment are incredible. Most people dream of traveling on the Maharaja Express and having an amazing stay. 

Don’t make your vacations boring by staying in a boring hotel. Choose one of these hotels and resorts, to have a unusual and peaceful vacation for a change.

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