Top Female Fashion Models in India

In today’s time, the fashion industry is not just about the ramp-walk but also the social media which has given rise to us noticing a whole lot of new promising models who are doing amazing work out there. Let’s look at some of India’s promising and stunning female models you should know about.

  1. Nidhi Sunil
  2. Apoorva Elizabeth Mittra
  3. Elyseah Shaikh
  4. Gayatri Hariharan
  5. Priyal Shah
  6. Paloma Monappa
  7. Shruti Chauhan
  8. Namrata Seth
  9. Divya Jadhav
  10. Palak Suresh Gupta

Nidhi Sunil

Top young fashion models in India

Nidhi Sunil is the first Indian Model to be one of the Global Ambassadors at Loreal Paris. She has graced the red carpet at the 74th annual Cannes Film Festival wearing an ivory mini dress by Manish Mishra. Born in Kerala Nidhi, she is one of the most influential young celebrities, an actor, an activist, and amongst the best models in India.

Top young fashion models in India

She studied law and has worked as an environmental lawyer. Going on the same road, Nidhi has continued her great work and partnered with the Invisible Girl Project to support the cause. Being the recipient of Vogue India’s model of the year, Nidhi has also been featured in multiple fashion magazine covers.

 Apoorva Elizabeth Mittra

Top young fashion models in India

Featured in The Wedding Diary at Vogue, Apoorva has appeared in ads by Coca-Cola. With Chennai being her hometown, she moved to LA and then to NYC expanding and surpassing her modeling career beyond boundaries.


She was covered in ‘Make It Monochrome’ an editorial in 2015 and advertised for Ikaria Resort Wear in 2017. Apoorva has also advertised for cosmetic brands such as Becca Cosmetics. Interestingly, she was also featured in Cosmo India Magazine. Along with modeling and acting, she also indulges herself in art and prefers to call herself an artist. Apoorva continues to dream big with her bold, kind, loving, and daring personality.

Elyseah Shaikh

Elyseah Shaikh
Top young fashion models in India

Elyseah Shaikh is a freelance model based in Mumbai. She has been featured in many ads like KFC, Bumble, and more. Besides modeling, Elyseah also dabbles in creative design and photography. She has also published a website of her own named elyseah where she talks about her work and her passion for creative design and photography. 


Elyseah studied International Business but lately has been an entrepreneur. She has been published in more than 10 globally recognized magazines, one of which is VGXW. Elyseah is a multitasker as she continues to design for most of her projects and chooses projects that align with her design aesthetic.

Gayatri Hariharan

Top young fashion models in India

Gayatri is a fashion model based in Bangalore. She also works as a visual designer. Gayatri has been featured in Elle India, Tweak India, Femina India, and has also been featured in Nykaa ads.

Interestingly, she has worked as a freelance graphic designer at Zwibe and Dutch Embassy and holds great fluency in multiple languages like French, Malayalam, English, and Tamil. A visual communication major, Gayatri runs her art studio at Goyya Studio. She has also been featured at The Right Cut, an online clothing brand based in Gujarat, India.

Priyal Shah

Walking the Paris Week Show in 2019 as her first international walk, Priyal Shah also walked the grand finale at Lakme Fashion Week in the same year. Coming from Washim, Maharashtra, Priyal won the “Ms. Glam Icon” and knew that it would change her career trajectory.

Top young fashion models in India

Starting from wearing clothes by Urban Suburban, Kesha Bajaj to brands like H&M, Priyal has also walked on the ramp wearing clothes by Manish Malhotra at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour. She has also been featured in ads and has modeled for Nykaa products.

Paloma Monappa

Paloma Monappa

Daughter of a Tibetan mother and a Coorgi father, Paloma is an actor, a DJ, and a model. She has been featured in multiple national ads and TV commercials like Pantene shampoo. Living in Mumbai, Paloma has also been the host for Discovery Channel’s ‘India My Way’ and also supports The Minor Project.

Starting her career as an actor in a South Indian film, Paloma learned about her passion for surfing and fashion. Paloma got recognition as being the face of the Fast Track Move On Campaign. Her ideas of fashion and modeling are more earthy and real, hence we often don’t see her walking the fashion week ramp.

Shruti Chauhan

Started modeling as a 17-year-old to now being a freelance fashion model with 70.7k followers on Instagram. Her first big show was walking for the high-profile couture designer Rebecca Dewan.

Actress | Shruti Chauhan

Shruti has also acted in the Gully Boy movie criticizing the beauty standards set by face creams. Based in Mumbai, Shruti has walked multiple ramps like opening the Lakme Fashion Week wearing clothes by Manish Malhotra, walking at Missmalini Fashion, Times Fashion Week, and she was also the face for the Glam Up Face Cream. According to her interview with The LifeStyle Journalist, her biggest inspiration is Sabyasachi and that’s what got her into modeling.

Namrata Sheth

Top young fashion models in India

Another Mumbai girl, Namrata Sheth has participated in many modeling competitions right after finishing college. She attracted great attention after the release of the song “Bhula Diya” by Darshan Raval. Namrata has been the face of many commercial ads such as Head and Shoulders. She has also been a part of the Close Up Campaign, and models for the Bobbi Brown India beauty products using her Instagram page.

Divya Jadhav

Divya Jadhav

INEGA is the mother talent agency that Divya works for. She has modeled for platforms like Brides Today and Who Wore What When, and has also advertised products by Becca India. Divya has also been featured in one of the world’s best magazines named W magazine. She has walked the Lakme Fashion Week 2020.


She has also worn clothes by Eka Studio, and clothes by Hament and Nandita. Divya has also been a part of the fashion show by Vogue India and has been featured in editorials such as Blue City. Earlier in 2020, she was also featured by the Independent Model Management based in Italy.

Palak Suresh Gupta

Palak Gupta is a model and a makeup artist and a hairstylist. She does her makeup for shoots and other models. She has her YouTube channel where she talks about her day, gives skincare and makeup tips. She also assists other makeup artists with their projects and sometimes models for Harper’s Bazaar India magazine shoots.


She has blessed the ramp at the Indian Couture Week in 2018 and Lakme Fashion Week in 2020. Based in South Wales, Australia, Palak is now an Indian model living in Mumbai. She graced the Lakme Fashion Week 2020.

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