Top Controversies in Drake’s Career

Canadian singer and rapper Drake recently got into his umpteenth controversy. He is seen in a video trending as ‘Drake Leaked Video’ where he is seen in a lewd act. The video doesn’t show his face but some people confirmed that the background looks like it’s from his private jet. Many fans initially thought it was his music that got leaked but they unintentionally saw the explicit content.

Looking at his latest controversy, we’ve compiled ‘The 10 Most Controversial Moments of Drake’s Career.’ This is how the Toronto rapper has remained a hot topic of conversation lately.

The Incident: Utilized his former girlfriend’s voice on the track “Marvin’s Room” without authorization
The Timing: February 3, 2012
The Debate: Although Drake later asserted he had permission to use Ericka Lee’s vocals, she engaged a lawyer and demanded payment for her “performance” on the successful track. Drake declined to pay, maintaining that she only requested a writer’s credit and refuted any past romantic ties with her.

The Incident: Shared a kiss with Rihanna at Manhattan’s Lucky Strike Lanes bowling alley
The Timing: May 17, 2009
The Debate: Following Rihanna’s split from Chris Brown after the notorious 2009 Grammy Awards incident, Drake was spotted getting close with Brown’s ex, sparking a media frenzy and rumors about a potential romance between him and Rihanna.

Top Controversies in Drake's Career

The Incident: Premiered a verse about Rihanna during his debut album’s first song at a live show
The Timing: April 23, 2010
The Debate: Drake confronted the contentious rumors about Rihanna, choosing to address the topic directly in his performance rather than dismissing it. He candidly rapped about the experience in the song “Fireworks.”

The Incident: Erected a billboard in Toronto that displeased local officials
The Timing: December 12, 2011
The Debate: Drake’s intent to honor his city with a promotional billboard for his album ‘Take Care’ backfired when it caused discontent among city politicians due to lack of prior approval.

The Incident: Included underage girls on stage at the 2009 BET Awards
The Timing: June 28, 2009
The Debate: This significant oversight led to criticism of Drake, Young Money, and BET when young girls were brought on stage during a performance deemed inappropriate for their age. Subsequent apologies were issued by BET and Drake.

The Incident: Shot the “HYFR” video in a Jewish temple, staging a faux bar mitzvah
The Timing: April 13, 2012
The Debate: The president of a Miami temple expressed dissatisfaction with the final product of Drake’s “HYFR” video, critiquing its use of profanity and misrepresentation of Jewish values.

The Incident: Posing with another individual’s watch on his album cover, ‘Take Care’
The Timing: June 11, 2012
The Debate: A man claimed his Rolex, which he had sent for cleaning, ended up on Drake’s wrist in the album artwork. Drake denied these claims, stating the purchase was direct from Rolex, but the issue remains contentious.

The Incident: Received a diss from Common in the song “Sweet”
The Timing: November 2, 2011
The Debate: Common indirectly criticized Drake in his track, leading to a series of musical retorts. The true reason behind their dispute remains unconfirmed, though it’s speculated to involve Serena Williams.

The Incident: Contributed to the shutdown of an Oklahoma City club by the police
The Timing: March 25, 2012
The Debate: Drake’s visit to the Dollhouse Lounge after a show resulted in closure due to alleged illegal activities by his entourage, with the club owner demanding compensation for the disruption.

Top Controversies in Drake's Career

The Incident: Alleged confrontation with Chris Brown at the NYC nightclub W.i.P.
The Timing: June 14, 2012
The Debate: The brawl involving Drake and Chris Brown became highly controversial, stirring extensive media coverage and discussions, likely to be remembered and debated for years to come.

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