Tina Fey’s Remarks on Millennials Claiming ‘Ownership’ of ‘Mean Girls’ Spark Online Debate

Tina Fey shared her reservations about creating a new version of Mean Girls, citing the millennial generation’s deep connection and sense of ownership towards the original movie. She humorously recounted how millennials reacted protectively, claiming the movie as their own, to which she playfully agreed to share it.

The announcement of the Mean Girls film adaptation, also based on the stage musical, initially sparked concerns among fans about its impact on the beloved 2004 classic. The original film, a staple in pop culture and particularly significant for millennials who grew up alongside its characters, has remained a quotable favorite.

What Did Tina Fey Say About Millenials’ Reactions?

Acknowledging the changes in high school culture and teenage behavior over the past two decades, the new film adaptation retains many original themes and jokes but updates them to better suit the current era. Fey, understanding the millennial fanbase’s strong attachment to the original, expressed her initial hesitation in bringing a new version to life.

In her conversation with TODAY, Fey humorously recounted the millennial generation’s reaction to the idea of a new Mean Girls, joking about their claim to the movie.

In a separate discussion with Entertainment Weekly, Tina disclosed that she sought advice from her two teenage daughters regarding modernizing different segments of the film to accurately represent teenagers in 2024. She mentioned that her daughters were particularly insistent on keeping The Burn Book unchanged.

There are differing opinions regarding Tina Fey’s remarks about Millennials and the Mean Girls films. Some individuals agree with Fey’s view that these movies can be appreciated across different generations. However, others have expressed criticism regarding her comments on ‘ownership.’

One individual argued, “You’re mistaken here. Although you’re the writer, the film was made for its contemporary audience. In the realm of art, it’s ultimately the public that decides its value. Once a cultural milestone like ‘Mean Girls’ 2004 is achieved, it transcends being just the creator’s work; it becomes a collective possession.”

Another person commented, “It’s surprising to see someone create a defining piece of early 2000s pop culture and then feel dismayed that it became iconic, especially when the original fans wish to preserve and honor its legacy.”

Who Wrote ‘Mean Girls’? Why is She Considering Legal Action Against Tina Fey?

Rosalind Wiseman is the writer of Mean Girls. She is considering legal action against Paramount and Tina Fey for her “unpaid dues” given the success of the franchise.

Rosalind Wiseman, whose book “Queen Bees and Wannabes” inspired the 2004 hit teen comedy, inked a contract in 2002 to sell her film rights for $400,000. Although she gave up all rights to the original film and any spin-offs, including musicals and TV adaptations, Wiseman’s agreement entitled her to a share of the net profits, contingent on the movie’s box office performance. Despite this, she alleges that the studio maintains the film hasn’t generated any net profits, citing excessive additional expenses that have supposedly left no earnings to distribute to her.

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