This Startup Delivers Easy-to-Make Hot Chocolate

On days when we are anxious, confused, or just relaxing, all of us need a hot cup in the hand- be it tea or coffee or hot chocolate. What if I told you, you can get hot chocolate at your home available anytime?

This has been made possible by a start-up named Tiggle which makes it convenient and to get hot chocolate affordably at home.

Tiggle calls itself a happiness company, a company that brings happiness through its products! They had a modest start by doing research on chocolate, bought a 5litre flask, made hot chocolate, and went to a crowded place (metro station in India’s capital) to analyze the take-up for the product. On seeing positive results, they increased the quantity of hot chocolate but due to good demand for the product, this became less scalable. So they started producing hot chocolate powder.

There are 2 variants – the dark chocolate tribe and the light chocolate tribe. The vegan hot chocolate mix is prepared from cocoa sourced from one of India’s highest quality organic small farms Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. A 10 cup mix is available for INR 279, that is just ~28rs for a cup of hot chocolate. They have single sachet mix also costing Rs 35 per sachet. However, a minimum order of 10 sachets have to be placed for the single sachet version.

Delivers- Across India.


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