The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime Video Has The Most Complicated Love Triangle

The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime Video Has The Most Complicated Love Triangle

The Summer I Turned Pretty written by Jenny Han is about love and emotions. The novel turned into a web series on Amazon Prime last month, giving all the readers fantastic visuals. The series is an amazing representation of how love cannot be easily figured out. Hence, proves that love is complicated and complex. The story revolved around the main character Belly and her love life, which Lola Tung played. As you start watching the series, you may come across at least one part which you related to.

Belly and her family went for her summer vacation to her mother’s friend’s house, which they have been visiting every summer since their childhood. This time the summer was different for everyone, especially Belly. She turned her look and instead of looking simple and plain she looked pretty and stylish. This summer she made new friends, a new look, and a love triangle too. 

You would not want to have a love triangle between two brothers. The situation sounds awkward. The Summer I Turned Pretty shows the love triangle between the Fisher brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah, which Christopher Briney and Gavin Casalegno played respectively. Both the brothers are totally different from each other. Jeremiah is bubbly and fun-loving whereas Conrad is serious and responsible. While Belly was confused throughout the story about whom to choose, we have made it a little easier. 

The one that always has your attention

The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime Video Has The Most Complicated Love Triangle

In the story, we all have seen that Belly cannot have her eyes off Conrade. Every time she wants to know what is happening with Conrade even if she is with her boyfriend, Cameron. That shows how much Belly wants to be with Conrad. Even when she decided to be with Conrad’s brother Jeremiah, somewhere she was still looking for Conrad. If you cannot stop looking out for someone that means he or she is the one.

Someone who always brings a smile to your face

The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime Video Has The Most Complicated Love Triangle

Although in the series Belly always wanted to be around Conrad, she also had a great time laughing and smiling around Jeremiah. The way Jeremiah lights up Belly’s mood and makes her smile is all that every girl wants. Even during the rehearsals of the debutante ball, Jeremiah came into the situation with his fun-loving vibe and turned the whole situation happy for Belly. This shows how much a person wants to bring a smile to your face and keep you happy. 

Someone who is honest with you

The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime Video Has The Most Complicated Love Triangle

In the series both the boys were hiding their feelings from Belly, however, there came a point where both the character’s shared their feelings and it did make the situation a lot better. Being honest with your partner will make things clearer and will make the bond stronger. If Conrad would have told Belly about his mother’s cancer, that would have made it clearer for Belly why he was acting so weird. This could have not complicated the situation and there would have been fewer misunderstandings. Choosing an honest partner is something that everyone should consider.

The one that is not confused about choosing you

Just how Belly was confused between the two brothers, the brothers were also confused about her. It becomes hard to choose one person between the two when both of them are good friends to you. Belly was the centre of attention in the series. Both the brothers wanted Belly, however, both of them were dating other people too. In real life that’s not how it works. Choosing someone who only wants to be with you and no one else is what everyone should do. In fact, Conrad had a girlfriend even when he developed feelings for Belly. The confusion makes things more complex and difficult to deal with. It also hurts a lot of people’s feelings. If in the start itself Conrad confessed his feelings for Belly in front of his girlfriend, it would have made it easier for Belly to choose him. You would not want to date someone who is not sure about you.

Listen to your heart, not to your friends

Taylor, Belly’s best friend in the series, was always influencing her. Belly was even influenced by Taylor’s look. However, should Tylor’s opinion about the Fisher brothers influence Belly’s thinking? Of course not. It becomes more complicated when you listen to someone else instead of your heart. Taylor insisted Belly go ahead with Jeremiah but a piece of Belly’s heart always wanted Conrad with her. This is why when she listened to Taylor, the love triangle got more complicated. 

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Honestly, it is hard to choose between Jermaine and  Conrad Fisher, however, what always works is listening to your heart. Jenny Han wrote the same thing, she decided to show that Belly listened to her heart at the end. Even after her friend told her to choose Jeremiah, she still ended up choosing Conrad because that’s what she wanted since her childhood. As they say, you never get over your first love, especially when you dream to be with them. Jeremiah was not the one for Belly because she never thought about him, in her head it was always Conrad. This is why the author did a good job in choosing Belly’s partner. 

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