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Zack Bia, the ex-boyfriend of Olivia Rodrigo, has finally spoken up about the fan feedback that her popular song “Vampire” is about him. Fans suspected the song was about Bia due to a few of the lyrics. In a recent interview with GQ, Bia made it clear that the song is not specifically about him. He confirmed that their relationship ended in an amicable manner due to busy schedules and that there was no drama involved. Bia also mentioned that he knows how the song gets made since he is in the industry. Regardless of whether the song is about him or not, it is undeniable that it is impressive work and Bia has commended her breakthrough hit.

The Ex Boyfriend of Olivia Rodrigo Reply's to the Rumours of Her Song 'Vampire'

Zack Bia’s comments on ‘Vampire’

When it comes to speculation about Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song “Vampire,” her ex-boyfriend Zack Bia has a lot to say. In an interview with GQ, Bia addressed the rumors of the song being about him and clarified the mystery surrounding the track. Bia takes a pragmatic stance, saying, “I don’t think it’s really about me. I think the internet just ran with it.” He goes on to explain that their relationship simply faded away due to busy schedules, emphasizing that there was never any drama between them.

Bia also gave his perspective on the songwriting process, explaining, “Look, I’m in the industry, so I know how a song gets made.” He recognizes the power of the hit, calling it “so big and so awesome” and emphasizing its potential as a heartbreak anthem for the summertime. It’s clear that Bia has a positive outlook on the situation and holds no ill will towards his ex-girlfriend. Despite speculation about the song being about him, Bia takes the high road and emphasizes the amicable end to their relationship.

Madison Beer’s connection

Madison Beer, the ex Girlfriend of Olivia Rodrigo's Ex, Zack Bia

It seems that Zack Bia was at the center of another song by an ex-girlfriend, Madison Beer. Her 2020 hit, “Selfish,” included lyrics suggesting that Beer’s relationship with Bia was not as real as she thought it was. With the speculation surrounding Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire,” fans couldn’t help but connect the dots between Beer’s song and Rodrigo’s hit. Interestingly, Beer appeared to show support for Rodrigo and her song, leaving fans to wonder where she really stands.

Nevertheless, Bia has assured the public that he still shares a strong bond with Beer, whom he considers a part of his extended family. Beer even apologized to him for any backlash he received after the release of “Selfish.” It seems that Bia is no stranger to being the subject of discussion in songs, but he takes it all in stride and remains respectful towards his exes. Clearly, Bia’s romantic relationships have garnered much attention and speculation, and it remains to be seen if any future hits will shed light on his love life.

Olivia Rodrigo and her silence on song inspiration

Olivia Rodrigo has remained silent on the inspiration behind her songs, stating that she never wants to reveal who they are about. This privacy has only fueled the curiosity of fans and the media alike. The lack of information has led to speculation about the inspiration behind her hit song, “Vampire,” which fans are convinced is about her ex-boyfriend, Zack Bia. Despite Zack’s comments that the song is not about him, fans continue to wonder and speculate about the true meaning behind the lyrics. Olivia’s silence has left plenty of room for interpretation and has only added to the intrigue surrounding her music.

Media and fan response on Olivia Rodrigo

Fans and the media have been buzzing with interest and speculation surrounding Zack Bia and Olivia Rodrigo’s relationship, as well as her hit song “Vampire.” Some fans theorized that the lyrics of the song were directed at Bia, which further fueled the speculation. Madison Beer’s connection to Bia and her own song “Selfish” added an extra layer of intrigue. Social media was abuzz with reactions and comments about the situation, with Madison Beer even taking to Twitter to thank Olivia Rodrigo for the new song. Overall, fans and media alike have been captivated by this dramatic musical love triangle.

Zack Bia clarifies that Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song “Vampire” isn’t about him, but he thinks it’s a great break-up anthem. With fans and the media buzzing, the fascination surrounding their relationship continues to fuel confusion and speculation.

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