The Disturbing True Story Behind Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon

What lurks beneath the veil of a seemingly idyllic society? Martin Scorsese’s latest flick, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” sheds light on one such gruesome slice of American history. Based on the non-fiction book by David Grann, the movie brings to life the haunting tale of the Osage tribe, who struggled for survival in the face of racism, land grabs, and murder. Let’s dive into the disturbing true story behind the film.

The Disturbing True Story Behind Martin Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon | saureal.com

Who were the Osage Tribe?

The Osage tribe was an Indigenous American community who were forced to relocate from their land in Kansas to modern-day Oklahoma in the late 19th century. However, their story is far from simple. The Osage people had become prosperous after the discovery of oil reserves on their land, making them some of the wealthiest people in the world. Unfortunately, their success did not go unnoticed, and white settlers began to covet their land and wealth.

This all culminated in the Reign of Terror, a period in the 1920s when over 60 Osage people were mysteriously murdered, with many more disappearing without a trace. The string of murders was covered by newspapers across the country and prompted an investigation by the Bureau of Investigation (BOI), but despite all of this attention, the Reign of Terror has been largely ignored in literature and school curriculum.

The Book and The Film – Martin Scorsese

The Disturbing True Story Behind Martin Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon | saureal.com

David Grann’s non-fiction book ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ narrates the story of the Osage Nation’s oil-rich land and the merciless killings of its inhabitants in the 1920s. Martin Scorsese has adapted the book into a movie, starring a talented ensemble cast featuring Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jesse Plemons. The movie’s screenplay is by Eric Roth, and the music is by the legendary film composer, John Williams.

The book presents a detailed account of the crime that took place during that period and unravels the layers of corruption and conspiracy that allowed the heinous murders to go unpunished. The author spent several years investigating the events and the people involved in the case, resulting in a fascinating narrative that offers insight into a rare chapter of American history.

Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of the book received an exceptional response from audiences worldwide, with everyone anticipating the movie’s release. The movie promises to remain faithful to the book’s subject matter, which will no doubt be both sensitive and chilling. With some of the most celebrated actors in cinema, the movie guarantees to be an unforgettable experience.

The Grisly True Story – Martin Scorsese

The murders of over 60 Osage people in Oklahoma during the 1920s, also known as “The Reign of Terror,” is a gruesome part of US history that has been rarely explored. The Osage people, an Indigenous American tribe, had become vastly wealthy in the late 19th century due to their vast oil reserves on their lands. This made them targets of violence and greed from white settlers who wanted access to their wealth. The string of murders of the Osage people garnered nationwide attention and an investigation by the Bureau of Investigation (BOI), which later became the FBI.

The involvement of the BOI in the case was crucial, as they were one of the few government agencies at the time with the power to prosecute and investigate. However,

Why it Matters

The story of the Osage people is a crucial part of American history that has long been forgotten. The impact of their tragic fate on Native lives cannot be overstated. Their prosperity, gained from the valuable oil reserves beneath their land, ultimately became a curse as it drew greed.

The true story behind “Killers of the Flower Moon” sheds light on the history of the Osage people and the impact of racism and indifference on Native lives. The book’s adaptation by Martin Scorsese brings attention to a period of US history that has rarely been explored in literature and school curriculum. This film serves as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging and learning from past tragedies.

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