“The Crown” Finale Altered in Light of Queen Elizabeth’s Passing, Reveals Peter Morgan

The Crown,” Netflix’s critically acclaimed series, has seen a significant shift in its concluding chapters following the death of Queen Elizabeth in 2022. Peter Morgan, the creative force behind the series, opened up in a new interview with Variety about how the Queen’s passing impacted the show’s narrative trajectory, compelling a change in the final episode’s direction.

"The Crown" Finale Altered in Light of Queen Elizabeth's Passing, Reveals Peter Morgan

A Sudden Change of Plans
Morgan shared that the experience of the Queen’s funeral, which deeply resonated with people worldwide, necessitated a reevaluation of the show’s ending. He sought a way for the final episode to address the character’s death, despite the fact that she hadn’t died within the show’s timeline. This delicate narrative decision underscores the show’s commitment to treating historical figures with respect and dignity, rather than opting for sensationalism.

Historical, Not Journalistic
The decision to conclude the show’s timeline in 2005 was deliberate, aiming to maintain a historical perspective rather than veering into current events. Netflix chief Ted Sarandos highlighted the importance of this cutoff, noting, “It was the cutoff to keep it historical, not journalistic.” This approach ensures a dignified portrayal, allowing for reflection rather than immediate reaction.

"The Crown" Finale Altered in Light of Queen Elizabeth's Passing, Reveals Peter Morgan

Respect for the Monarchy
The Crown” has consistently steered clear of satire, instead opting for a serious exploration of complex, emotional human beings. Morgan’s approach was to dare to take the royal family seriously, an intention that has set the show apart in its category. The series’ response to the Queen’s death aligns with this ethos, with Morgan previously stating that “The Crown” is a love letter to the Queen, marked by silence and respect.

Season 6: What to Expect
The upcoming sixth season, set to debut in two parts on November 16 and December 14, will cover events in Queen Elizabeth’s life from 1997 to 2005. The first part will delve into the relationship between Diana and Dodi Fayed before their tragic end, while the second will explore Prince William’s life after his mother’s death, the marriage of Charles and Camilla, and the budding relationship between William and Kate Middleton.

"The Crown" Finale Altered in Light of Queen Elizabeth's Passing, Reveals Peter Morgan

A Pause in Production
Following the Queen’s death, production on season 6 was briefly halted. However, filming resumed a few days later, underscoring the show’s commitment to its narrative while also paying respect to real-world events.

As “The Crown” prepares to unveil its final chapters, viewers anticipate a respectful, thought-provoking conclusion that honors the legacy of Queen Elizabeth while continuing to explore the humanity of the individuals behind the royal titles.

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