Taylor Momsen’s ‘Light Bulb’ Moment: Reflecting on Her Decision to Leave Gossip Girl

Taylor Momsen’s departure from Gossip Girl took fans by surprise. In an interview with her co-star Penn Badgley on his podcast, Momsen opened up about her decision to leave the show after the third season. Going back to her childhood days and reflecting on her early career in showbiz, she explains how she felt like a lightbulb went off, leading her to pursue a different path.

Taylor Momsen Decides to Leave Gossip Girl

Taylor Momsen’s journey in showbiz

Taylor Momsen started her career in the entertainment industry when she was only two years old. Yes, you read it right! She began modeling for brands such as Shake ‘n Bake and Just My Size. She then moved on to doing commercials for companies including GAP and Hershey’s when she was six years old.

At seven, she made her film debut in the movie “The Prophet’s Game” and gradually moved on to doing television shows. Some of her notable early works include a guest appearance in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and playing the character of Cindy Lou Who in the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

However, it wasn’t until the television show “Gossip Girl” that Momsen became a household name. She played the role of Jenny Humphrey, a high school freshman turned fashionista, in the show. Her performance and character development were appreciated, and the show’s success catapulted both her and her co-stars to fame.

Taylor Momsen has Made Up Her Mind About Leaving Gossip Girls

Despite the success of “Gossip Girl,” being in the spotlight also had its downsides for Momsen. She revealed that she did not have the chance to experience a normal teenage life and that her personal life was impacted heavily. She struggled with mental health issues and addiction, which ultimately led to her decision to take a break from acting and focus on her music career.

The decision to leave Gossip Girl

The decision to leave a hit TV show can be a tough one, and for Taylor Momsen, it was no exception. Her departure from Gossip Girl during its third season was a game-changer, with the actress admitting that it was a “complicated” choice.

In an interview with her former costar Penn Badgley’s podcast Podcrushed, Momsen revealed that she was not making her own decisions when she started her acting career at two years old. She admitted that leaving the show was like a click and it was as if a “light bulb” had gone off in her head. “Wait a second. I don’t have to do this? I don’t have to do this other job? I can just play in my band and tour and write songs, I can just do that?” the talented musician recalls.

Taylor Momsen’s Producers Response

Momsen’s producers were not thrilled about her decision to leave Gossip Girl, but they eventually found a solution. They wrote her character out of the show so that she could focus on her music career. However, the agreement came with a clause that prohibited her from acting in anything else.

Momsen uprooted her life overnight and felt like she was in a strange predicament because of the show’s sudden end for her character. She did not know what the future had in store for her. Despite her best efforts to focus on her music career, people still associated her with Jenny Humphrey.

Taylor Momsen’s Life after Gossip Girl

Taylor Momsen’s journey in showbiz saw her as a two-year-old child actor. She became a household name after starring as the rebellious Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl. However, the fame that came with the show had its downsides, and Momsen didn’t hesitate to exit the series during its third season. After her departure, she focused solely on her music career, and the decision seemingly paid off.

Momsen’s music career has been quite successful. Her rock band The Pretty Reckless has released four studio albums and performed in various countries and festivals worldwide. Additionally, Momsen opened up about her struggles with mental health and how it impacted her music in various interviews, indicating how music became sort of her solace.

Unlike her journey in showbiz, Momsen has maintained a relatively low profile on the personal front. However, she has been vocal about how leaving Gossip Girl changed her life. She has stated that “It was like a light bulb went off” and that she has the ability to create the life she wants to live.

In recent years, Momsen has moved on to other projects and even featured in a film – Paradise City – in 2021. Overall, Momsen’s decision to depart from Gossip Girl opened up various opportunities for her. It allowed her to make a name for herself in the rock music industry while prioritizing her mental wellbeing.

Taylor Momsen’s decision to leave Gossip Girl during its third season allowed her to pursue her music career and create the life she wanted for herself. Though her decision was complicated, it ultimately led to a positive outcome for her. Today, Momsen remains focused on her music career, making new music, touring the world, and taking on recent acting projects. Her experience serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to create the life you want for yourself; sometimes, all it takes is a light bulb moment to make a big change.

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