Southern Hospitality Season 2 is returning: Watch the trailer

Charleston’s Elite Return to Bravo
The gatekeepers of Charleston’s high society are back, and they’re serving up a double shot of drama and excitement. ‘Southern Hospitality’ Season 2 is returning to Bravo, and if the trailer is anything to go by, it’s going to be a season to remember. The show, a successful spinoff of ‘Southern Charm,’ has already carved out a niche for itself with its blend of Southern charm and high-stakes drama. With the new season premiering on December 7, the anticipation is as thick as South Carolina’s summer air.

New Faces and Fresh Challenges
This season introduces us to new VIP Server Oisin O’Neill, whose dynamic presence and intriguing backstory as a former professional rugby player are sure to shake up the status quo. But it’s not just new faces stirring the pot. Leva Bonaparte, the matriarch of the show, is set to implement a new code of conduct for her VIP team. It’s a move that promises to bring a new era to the esteemed Charleston establishment, Republic, and with it, a host of new challenges for the staff to navigate.

Relationships Under the Microscope
As the trailer teases, relationships are at the forefront of this season’s drama. From VIP server and single mom Lucía Peña grappling with the new regime, to DJ & VIP manager Maddi Reese dealing with cheating allegations, the personal lives of the cast are under intense scrutiny. And let’s not forget the Season 1 breakout stars Mia Alario and Grace Lilly, who are now navigating the waters of new relationships. Will these new bonds withstand the pressure of life in the spotlight?

Long-Distance Love and Loyalty
The theme of loyalty will be tested in the long-distance relationship between bartender Will Kulp and VIP server Emmy Sharrett. With Will off to law school, rumors and gossip threaten to undermine their trust. How will they cope with the distance and the whispers of infidelity? It’s a storyline that many can relate to, and one that’s sure to resonate with viewers.

The Party Never Ends with Mikel Simmons
Amidst the turmoil, Mikel “Party All The Time” Simmons is the friend everyone needs, ready to lift spirits and ensure that the good times roll on. His infectious energy is a reminder that even in the midst of drama, there’s always room for fun and laughter.

Catch Up on Season 1 Before the Premiere
With less than a month to go before Season 2’s premiere, now is the perfect time to catch up on all the drama from Season 1. Streaming on Peacock, the first season lays the groundwork for the unfolding stories and sets the stage for the explosive events to come.

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