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Sleepy Owl Helps Charge Your Mornings with a Fresh Cup of Brewed Coffee

Sleepy Owl: Helps Charge Your Mornings with a Fresh Cup of Brewed Coffee

 The three attributes of good flavour, accessibility, and simplicity of preparation were important to the founders of Sleepy Owl when they decided to launch their coffee company. They use arabica beans roasted and steeped for several hours in cold water, giving customers access to a robust and mellow beverage at a reasonable cost. .

First Impressions of Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee

Sleepy Owl: Helps Charge Your Mornings with a Fresh Cup of Brewed Coffee

The Price and Packaging

Packaging for the Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee includes an enchanting bottle. The label’s eye-catching crimson and indigo hues catch the attention. This cold coffee costs Rs 100 for a 200 ml bottle.

Colour and Consistency

The cold coffee from Sleepy Owl wasn’t thick or felt light in the stomach like certain dairy products could. Water and milk are in perfect equilibrium and don’t require any adjustments. The consistency and deep dark colour are quite similar to freshly brewed iced coffee. Your body won’t feel tired thanks to the light texture, especially later in the day.


Coffee is much more than simply flavor. It combines a variety of sensory impressions. Sleepy Owl’s coffee gives the harmonious water-to-milk ratio a hearty thumbs up.  The rich, powerful flavour of the cold brew coffee left them speechless. Those who enjoy strong coffee flavors should try it.


Sweetness is a crucial aspect of any evaluation, albeit subjective. The sweetness of the coffee seems to have been properly regulated. People who have a high sugar tolerance or who prefer their cold coffee with extra sugar are not the target audience for this. Another choice is the sweetened version if the original sweetness doesn’t satisfy your tastes.

Their Story

Getting into the coffee business was easy for Ajai Thandi, Arman Sood, and Ashwajeet Singh, who worked for JP Morgan, Embibe, and Korra Jeans. The three are coffee connoisseurs who frequently brew their coffee; Tandi and Singh are childhood friends, while Singh and Sood met in law school.

Ajai Thandi, Arman Sood, and Ashwajeet Singh

In 2016, they started Sleepy Owl Coffee from a two-bedroom flat in Delhi’s Dwarka. At the time, it was a direct-to-consumer cold brew coffee startup. The business introduced hot brew last year and stated that it has 60,000 customers. More than 1,000 retail locations in Delhi and Mumbai sell the products, which make up around 40% of the total sales. The remaining components are provided via the company’s website and

Weaning customers off brands like Bru and Nescafe and establishing a successful coffee business in a tea-drinking country like India are complex tasks. However, Thandi, Sood, and Singh want to capitalize on their strong points—exceptional quality and attractive packaging. The group intends to proceed cautiously. For instance, until 2019, Sleepy Owl only operated in Delhi before expanding to Mumbai. The DSG Consumer Partners-backed business, which received $500,000 in February 2018, plans to grow in Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Bengaluru over the coming year.  Amazon is being used in an effort to reach the US and UK.

Brand Information:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Sleepy Owl Hot Brews Made?
It can be made in a matter of minutes.

  • Place the sizable brew bag in a cup.
  • Include 200 ml of boiling water.
  • Give it five minutes to brew.
  • We advise shortening the brewing time if you want to weaken the coffee’s flavor.

Does Sleepy Owl contain decaf?
The coffee from Sleepy Owl is not decaffeinated.

Who is Sleepy Owl Coffee’s owner?
Arman Sood, Ajai Thandi, and Ashwajeet Singh are three friends who jointly own Sleepy Owl Coffee.

Is Sleepy Owl Indian?
Yes. An Indian company named Sleepy Owl purchases its coffee straight from Southern Indian farmland.

Can we add milk to Sleepy Owl Coffee?
Yes, you can. After it has been brewed, strain the concentrate into a glass or sipper, add ice for added cooling, and then enjoy the freshness and smoothness of the flavorful drink. If you want your coffee with milk, you can do so.

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