‘Saltburn’ Ending Explained

Overview of ‘Saltburn’s’ Climactic Ending

The film “Saltburn” concludes with a series of dramatic and shocking events, unraveling the intricate journey of the main character, Oliver, and his relentless pursuit of his desires. The narrative reaches its peak with a provocative dance number, symbolizing the culmination of Oliver’s tumultuous odyssey.

'Saltburn' Ending Explained

The Tragic Fates of Venetia and Elspeth

Venetia’s death is a pivotal moment in the film, with her lifeless body found in a bathtub. The circumstances of her death are ambiguous, leaving viewers to question whether it was suicide or if Oliver played a role in her demise. Oliver’s sinister actions, such as placing razor blades near the bath, suggest his possible involvement.

Elspeth’s deteriorating health leads to her eventual mental decline, allowing Oliver to manipulate her into signing over Saltburn to him. In a disturbing revelation, Oliver admits his true intentions to Elspeth on her deathbed, coldly removing her ventilation tube and watching her die.

'Saltburn' Ending Explained

The Shocking Revelation of Felix’s Death

Initially shrouded in mystery, Felix’s death is later revealed to be a calculated act by Oliver. Oliver poisons a champagne bottle, drinks from it himself, and then induces vomiting to avoid the poison’s effects. He then offers the tainted champagne to Felix, leading to Felix’s untimely death, found lifeless in the maze the next morning.

'Saltburn' Ending Explained

Oliver’s Ultimate Victory and Celebration

The film’s conclusion sees Oliver achieving his ultimate goal of owning Saltburn. The final scene is both striking and provocative, with Oliver dancing nude through the manor’s grand halls to “Murder On The Dancefloor” by Sophie Ellis Bextor. This scene suggests that Oliver’s motivations were primarily financial, rather than a desire to emulate or possess Felix.

A Haunting and Thought-Provoking Resolution

“Saltburn” ends with a haunting and thought-provoking resolution, encapsulating Oliver’s relentless ambition and the dark consequences of his actions. The final dance number serves as a powerful representation of his triumph, leaving audiences with a lasting impression of the film’s chilling narrative.

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