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Recent Hollywood Movies That Were Based on Famous Novels

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It’s hard to imagine a world of entertainment without the contribution of books in shaping them. Every year, we look forward to the movies that are based on our favorite books and that they do not disappoint. The recent few years weren’t about biographies, but they were an eclectic mix of stories told from women’s perspective to science fiction to some personal accounts. Let’s look at some of those movies based on books –

A Wrinkle in Time

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Ready Player One

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Set in a dystopian world in 2044, Ready Player One is a science fiction novel by the American author Ernest Cline. The book is about a virtual space called OASIS and how its dead founder has set a number of Easter eggs and hidden treasure to find for the players. The first person to finish the game bequeaths the ownership of OASIS. Tye Kayle Sheridan is playing the lead role of Wade Watts in the movie.

Boy Erased: A Memoir

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The author of this book Garrard Conley was the son of a Baptist pastor and was really conflicted about his sexuality. He describes in the book the atrocities he went when he was enrolled in a ‘gay conversion program’. The movie based on it stars

Lucas Hedges, Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman and is directed by Joel Edgerton.

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