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NOCD- The energy drink that got funding in Shark Tank India

NOCD is a unique brand of energy drink. It does not often include strange chemicals with cumbersome names in popular energy drinks. The founder had the idea that because there are already several harmful beverages available on the market, there is no reason why we shouldn’t produce a healthy drink. It can assist in increased energy levels, the burning of fat, and a faster metabolism.

NOCD (No Carbs Drink)

NOCD is a fitness drink that complements a healthy and active lifestyle. Green coffee beans, folic acid, biotin, and amino acids are some of the ingredients in this product. They worked along with many biotechnologists to create this formula. Each item has a maximum of five calories and has no sugar. The start-up raised Rs 20 lakh for 15% equity and a debt line of Rs 30 lakh from Sugar Cosmetics co-founder Vineeta Singh.

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NOCD is a multipurpose drink that promotes powerful immune function and healthy skin, hair, and muscles. Because of the presence of BCAA, in addition to other vitamins and minerals, significant amounts of antioxidants, and other nutrients, the body’s immune system is provided with comprehensive, synergistic therapy. Several minerals, including biotin and folic acid, shield DNA and cells from damage from the inside out. L-carnitine and extract of green coffee beans both contribute to better management of one’s weight, and this product delivers both of these benefits.

Who Founded NOCD

Siddharth Mishra and Vinay Kumar are the founders of the beverage start-up NOCD (No Carbs Drink), and the company is situated in Bangalore.

NOCD- The energy drink that got funding in Shark Tank India
Siddharth Mishra & Vinay Kumar

What makes NOCD (sometimes called “knocked”) unique? The company’s founders developed the beverage as an alternative to the “high sugar” caffeinated drinks popular in India. The nootropic brain stimulant NOCD enhances not just memory and other cognitive functions but also attention and mood. This vitamin and BCAA supplement, known as NOCD, was developed with a focus on helping those who value health and wellness as a top priority. And without needing to rely on anything to keep you going, like food, drink, supplements, or pills.

NOCD: Brand Information


NOCD (No Carbs Drink) is a sugar-free alternative to regular energy drinks. Adding the blue dye and the berry flavouring elevates the product’s visual attractiveness. Having it chilled improves its flavour immensely. NOCD energy drinks contain BCAAs and nutritional carbonation.

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