Most disliked YouTube videos

We bring to you the list of cringe-worthy videos that accumulated too much hate on YouTube. Why did these videos receive so many dislikes? Some videos have also made their personal records of gaining the most number of dislikes in the history of Youtube. What has been their record? Why are they still on youtube? Well, let’s find out.

Can This Get One Million Dislikes– PewDiePie

Baby – Justin Bieber

Youtube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind

Youtube Rewind 2019 

Sadak 2 Trailer

Learning Colour – Colourful Eggs on a Farm

Rebecca Black- Friday

Can this video get 1 million dislikes?

The most famous YouTuber named PewdiePie made a youtube video requesting the audience to help him gain one million dislikes on his youtube video titled “Can this video get 1 million dislikes?” The audience surprised him with 5.5M dislikes on Youtube. Well, why would a YouTuber ask people to dislike his videos? What does he even talk about in his video? Well, watch the video to find out. I am sure you are going to enjoy every bit of it. (No, I am not being sarcastic)

Baby – Justin Bieber

Did you also listen to Justin Bieber’s song Baby, when you were a teenager? Well, the song Baby has been one of the most disliked songs marked in the history of YouTube now has 12M dislikes. Ironically, it also has 18M likes on YouTube. The video has also received more than 4 million comments. There are comments from 2010 to till now, it has been on YouTube as one of the most liked and also one of the most disliked videos. Many Gen-Z generation people also say that this song is the first English song they ever listened to. Was it yours too?

YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind

Is a 2018 video with the most number of dislikes. The video features many of the famous YouTubers including the owners of Jordindian, James Charles, Lilly Singh, and many more who talk about what should they include in the rewind video of YouTube Rewind 2018. It is fun watching the video, where everyone is just being completely experimental and filming things they want to include in the video. It will seem a lot of fun to you, however, the video currently has 19M dislikes and only 3M likes. This is absolutely ironic. The video is entertaining, don’t believe me? Watch it and the video will convenience you!

However, this is not the end of the “rewind” season, the team got another “remind” video on 2019 at the end month of 2019. 

YouTube Rewind 2019

Where Rewind 2018 was the most disliked, hence, the team attempted to make the 2019 rewind featuring the most liked videos of 2019. However, this rewind video still received 9.5 million dislikes and only 3.4 million likes on youtube. Hear some of the most famous songs while you watch hilarious clips by different YouTubers and laugh out loud.

Sadak 2

Sadar 2 is a Bollywood movie. The trailer of the movie receded 13 million dislikes. The trailer was released in August 2020 and still has 738k likes. It also received ratings of 1.1 from more than 60000 viewers. As with the number of dislikes on its youtube trailer release, the movie also became a bad flop. Well, this makes me want to watch the trailer too. I want to know the secret to the dislike of this movie. Is it the actors, the plot, or what could it be? 

Learning Colors – Eggs on a Farm

This is a video that shows eggs on a field and is used to teach children to learn different colors. However, this video has received 8.1 million dislikes. Will you watch the video? I am pretty sure it will make you feel at least a little creeped out. Not disclosing the fun part, but enjoy watching the video and I assure you that you will agree with all the 8.1 million people. While you see eggs being filled with colors and then the eggs smashing down a bi house.

Have a look at what these videos look like and now you surely know why these videos received more than 3 million dislikes. Have fun watching these videos while the YouTubers continue to entertain you. 

Rebecca Black- Friday

Rebecca became a household name after Friday but not for a good reason. When the song hit the net, it went viral and became the subject of a lot of memes and jokes because of its mortifying sounds out of her throat. The video just blew up an amazing million views and spurred a lot of parodies and covers. And just that

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