Monster High movies in chronological order

Monster High, initially a line of fashion dolls, has remarkably transitioned into a multimedia powerhouse, captivating audiences with its unique blend of horror, humor, and high school drama. But what’s the secret sauce behind this franchise’s success? Let’s unravel the mystery.

Monster High movies in chronological order | saureal.com

Monster High Movies: A Chronological Odyssey

Ever wondered how to navigate the Monster High movie universe? It’s a labyrinth of fun and frights! Here’s the list-

  • Welcome to Monster High (2016)
    When Dracula meets Frankie, they decide to create a school. But recruiting students always comes with its trials and tribulations.
  • Monster High: The Movie (2022)
    Follows a half human and half werewolf, as she finally finds a place where she fits, but, when a devious plan to destroy Monster High threatens to reveal her identity, she must learn to embrace her true monster heart and save the day.
  • Monster High 2 (2023)
    As they enter sophomore year at Monster High, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura and Frankie Stein face new students, new powers, and an even bigger threat that could not only tear their friendship apart, but could change the world forever.

  • Monster High: New Ghoul at School (2010)
    Frankie Stein begins at Monster High and follows her all new body and life the first week of high school.
  • Monster High: Fright On! (2011)
    See what happens when the student bodies of an all-vampire school and an all-werewolf school integrate with Monster High.
  • Monster High: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love? (2012)
    Valentine’s Day and the 1600th Draculaura’s birthday are coming. Ghoulfriends are making her the party, Clawd (her current boyfriend) is looking for perfect gift but suddenly Valentine (the old one) appears.
  • Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores (2012)
    A spring break trip to the Great Barrier Reef goes monstrously awry when Lagoona Blue and her girlfriends find themselves shipwrecked on a mysterious skull-shaped island!
  • Monster High: Friday Night Frights (2012)
    When the boys can’t compete in the Skulltimate Roller Maze Championships, Frankie Stein convinces her friends that some “ghoul power” is needed to save the day in this all-new movie!
  • Monster High: Ghouls Rule (2012)
    When the freaky-fab guys and ghouls of Monster High get wrongly accused of Halloween high jinx by a group of normies, things get spooky. But can they prove their innocence in time for a spooktacular celebration?
  • Monster High: Scaris, City of Frights (2013)
    As Clawdeen wolf and her friends enter a new life in Scaris they learn some new secrets.
  • Monster High: 13 Wishes (2013)
    It’s a new school year at Monster High! Howleen’s dream of popularity becomes a possibility when she stumbles upon a genie who grants her not 3, but 13 wishes!
  • Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! (2014)
    When Draculaura is led to believe she’s the rightful heir to the vampire throne, she and her best ghoulfriends are whisked away to Transylvania for a royal coronation to die for. But they soon discover the hunt for the queen is not over yet.
  • Monster High: Freaky Fusion (2014)
    At Monster High, ten cute ghoul girls are sent 200 years back in time to when the school started. Returning to 2014, the time machine has fused 8 of them into 4 bodies. Solutions?
  • Monster High: Haunted (2015)
    When Spectra Vondergeist goes back to her old ghost school to find out why Monster High is being haunted, the other ghouls use Boogey Sand to transform into ghosts so they can follow her. There, they die-scover that spirits are low because the Principal weighs students down with ghastly rules and detention chains.
  • Monster High: Boo York, Boo York (2015)
    The ghouls are taking a bite out of Boo York! The De Niles are hoping to meet their dynastic destiny and carve out a new empire, while Catty Noir is trying to find her music. Together the ghouls are taking Boo York by storm.
  • Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef (2016)
    Splash into a whole new Monster High world with Lagoona and her friends as they’re transported to the gore-­geous Great Scarrier Reef for a fin-tastic mission of the heart.
  • Monster High: Electrified (2017)
    When Clawdeen dreams of opening a salon made for monsters and normies, Frankie has the perfect place – an abandoned power station outside town. But the idea sparks negative voltage when Moanica plots to ruin the whole thing and replace the celebration with something a little more… shocking!
Monster High movies in chronological order | saureal.com

Monster High and Its Cultural Impact

Monster High isn’t just entertainment; it’s a cultural phenomenon. The franchise has been instrumental in shaping discussions around diversity and acceptance in children’s media. By showcasing a variety of monster characters, each with their unique traits and backgrounds, Monster High promotes a message of inclusivity and understanding.

The Future of Monster High: What Lies Ahead?

As we gaze into the crystal ball, the future of Monster High looks brighter than ever. With its successful foray into live-action films and a dedicated fanbase, the franchise is poised for further expansion. Could we see more movies, a TV series revival, or even a theme park? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – Monster High has secured its place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

How to Watch Monster High Movies By Date of Release

Name of the FilmDate of Release
Monster High: New Ghoul at SchoolOctober 31, 2010
Monster High: Fright On!October 30, 2011
Monster High: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?February 12, 2012
Monster High: Escape from Skull ShoresApril 13, 2012
Monster High: Friday Night FrightsJanuary 21, 2013
Monster High: Ghouls RuleOctober 9, 2012
Monster High: Scaris, City of FrightsMarch 3, 2013
Monster High: 13 WishesOctober 8, 2013
Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!March 25, 2014
Monster High: Freaky FusionSeptember 30, 2014
Monster High: HauntedMarch 24, 2015
Monster High: Boo York, Boo YorkSeptember 29, 2015
Monster High: Great Scarrier ReefFebruary 12, 2016
Welcome to Monster HighAugust 27, 2016
Monster High: ElectrifiedMarch 28, 2017
Monster High: The MovieOctober 6, 2022
Monster High 2October 5, 2023

Where can you watch Monster High movies?

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