Mind Your Own Business- says Apple’s new ad

Apple has come out with a funny ad where it says ‘Mind your own business’ (to advertisers). Apple is revolutionizing the privacy of its users. Its new OS update limits digital advertisers to track iPhone users’ browsing habits. This update received a lot of flak from digital advertisers as their industry will be affected immensely if users decline to allow data collection.

iPhones owners also have a “tracking” menu in their phone’s settings where they can optout of tracking from all apps on their phone or pick and choose among apps to grant permission to.

Mind Your Own Business- says Apple’s new ad

The new ad by Apple shows how much Apple cares for its users’ privacy.

The ad follows a guy who is ordering coffee at a coffee shop. When the guy leaves the shop, the barista starts following him. The same thing happens when he takes a cab or goes to the bank or is buying something from the supermarket. Gradually he starts getting chased by a huge crowd who follows him everywhere. In the end, his iPhone gives him the option not to allow tracking, and everyone following him start to vanish.

The ad has used Delta 5’s lyrics, ‘Can I have a taste of your ice cream? Can I lick the crumbs from your table?’ in the background, and you know what Apple wants to convey.

Apple locked horns with Facebook on the privacy issue recently and it’s a strong message given by Apple through this ad and it makes their stand very clear on where they stand when it comes to privacy.

You can read more about how Apple allows iPhone owners to control their privacy here-

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