Martín Rodríguez Reflects on Sofia Vergara’s Role Transformation in ‘Griselda’

Netflix unveils the tale of a famed drug lord in ‘Griselda,’ a six-part miniseries inspired by the true story of Griselda Blanco, known as the “Cocaine Godmother.” This series portrays the life of a Colombian woman who emerged as a key figure in the violent drug trade of Miami during the 1970s and 1980s.

Sofia Vergara steps into the shoes of Blanco, portraying a formidable figure in the criminal underworld who uses her charm and ferocity to maintain her position in both her business and personal life. Argentine actor Martín Rodríguez takes on the role of her trusted enforcer, Rivi Ayala, who is deeply devoted to his formidable leader.

Rodríguez, in a conversation with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, explained, “Rivi Ayala is inspired by a real individual who was intimately linked to Griselda. He is utterly enchanted by her and is prepared to do whatever it takes for her.”

Martín Rodríguez Reflects on Sofia Vergara's Role Transformation in Griselda

‘Griselda’ Offers a Unique Lens on Drug Trafficking

Produced by the creators of Netflix successes ‘Narcos’ and ‘Narcos: Mexico,’ ‘Griselda’ aims to provide a distinct perspective on the perilous world of drug cartels. Rodríguez highlighted that the show’s creators aspired to narrate a different aspect of drug trafficking. His portrayal of Ayala is intended to break away from the cliché of the hitman role, adding layers of mysticism and a touch of feminism. He finds himself deeply attracted to Blanco, forming a close bond with her.

To bring Ayala to life, Rodríguez collaborated with director Andrés Baiz to craft a character that demonstrates the complexities of becoming Blanco’s confidant. Ayala, who is currently serving a life sentence in a Florida prison, is portrayed as a man with a multifaceted personality, reflecting the intricate social fabric of Miami in the 1980s.

Rodríguez sought inspiration for his role from an unexpected source: Jim Morrison, the iconic frontman of The Doors. He aimed to capture Morrison’s eccentricity and aesthetic, which he felt resonated with his character’s image and ambiguous actions. This approach influenced his interaction with the costume design, viewing it as a transformative element for his character.

Martín Rodríguez Reflects on Sofia Vergara's Role Transformation in Griselda

Sofia Vergara’s Transformation into Griselda Blanco: Eerie Yet Captivating

Rodríguez had the opportunity to work closely with Vergara on ‘Griselda,’ witnessing her transformation into the notorious Blanco. He described the experience as both intriguing and somewhat unsettling, praising Vergara’s ability to immerse herself into the character’s darker aspects.

Vergara portrays Blanco as a woman who, after escaping an abusive relationship, rises to dominate Miami’s cocaine market. Rodríguez noted the complexity of Blanco’s character, highlighting her protective nature towards her family amidst her criminal activities.

Netflix’s ‘Griselda’ is now available for streaming on Netflix, offering an in-depth look at one of the drug trade’s most infamous figures through the performances of a talented cast.

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