Kim Kardashian Leads Production of BBC’s Elizabeth Taylor Documentary

Kim Kardashian is set to produce and star in Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar, a BBC documentary that explores the life of the iconic actress. Known for her role on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and as an avid admirer of Taylor, Kardashian hails her as a steadfast and authentic force within the industry. The documentary promises to delve deep into the storied life of one of Hollywood’s most renowned figures.

Kardashian Praises Elizabeth Taylor’s Resilient Spirit

As the mastermind behind SKIMS, Kardashian will executive produce the documentary alongside Kari Lia and Hamish Fergusson. The BBC has announced that the series will grant viewers privileged insights from those closest to Taylor, including her family, friends, and a cadre of colleagues who were part of her distinguished career.

Kardashian has expressed her admiration for Taylor’s authenticity and fighting spirit, acknowledging her as an example of personal evolution and transformation. She credits Taylor with laying the foundation for future generations within the entertainment sphere.

Kim Kardashian Leads Production of BBC's Elizabeth Taylor Documentary

A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor’s Multifaceted Legacy

The documentary is structured as a three-part series that pays homage to Taylor by presenting the woman behind the celebrated public persona. It aims to portray how she forged a template for the modern celebrity through her roles as an actor, a rebel, a business mogul, and an activist.

Each segment of the series will investigate how Taylor broke societal barriers and the significant sacrifices she made as a consequence of challenging the status quo.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Docuseries to Feature A-List Appearances

Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar is set to offer an intimate view of her life, not only in her capacity as an actress but also highlighting her influence as a billion-dollar entrepreneur, activist, and social advocate.

Well-known for her dynamic off-screen life, including her multiple marriages and opulent jewelry collection, Taylor was also honored as Dame of the Realm in 2003. Her passion for life was a driving force behind all her endeavors.

The series will include interviews with celebrities who were personally acquainted with Taylor, featuring insights from Kim Kardashian, who conducted Taylor’s final interview before her passing in March 2011.

Kim Kardashian’s Reflections on Elizabeth Taylor

Kardashian reflects on her last interaction with Taylor, revealing her deep reverence for the actress during their conversation for Harper’s Bazaar. The interview, published shortly before Taylor’s death, traversed various aspects of her life including her acting career and humanitarian work, though Taylor herself noted the potential downside of public idolization.

In a personal nod to Taylor’s legacy, Kardashian previously acquired several items from Taylor’s estate, including jade and diamond bracelets designed by Lorraine Schwartz, a mutual friend.

Production and Release Details

Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar is currently in production and will be broadcast on BBC Two and the BBC iPlayer.

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