Kanye West Defends Sharing Risqué Footage of Bianca Censori: ‘She Brings Joy to Me’

Kanye West has made headlines by repeatedly uploading provocative footage of his wife, Bianca Censori, to his Instagram account, defending his actions against those who questioned his motives.

The provocative clip of Censori dancing at a Super Bowl after-party was posted not once but thrice by West, which led to a mixed reaction from his audience.

Addressing the situation, West stated his posts of Censori are expressions of his happiness, emphasizing that critics should back off as he has already catered to their desires by releasing his new album.

Kanye West Expresses Affection Through Repetitive Posts of Bianca Censori

The acclaimed musician showcased his affection for Censori by sharing a striking video on Instagram, where he addressed those who criticized him for the repeated posts.
West, known for his hit “All of the Lights,” uploaded the same video three times, showing Censori wearing a revealing outfit and dancing at a Super Bowl after-party, accompanied by the caption, “STILL THE KING.”

This repetitive sharing led fans to question West’s intentions and the well-being of the couple.
In a follow-up video, West clarified, “Y’all, I just wanted to tell everybody I posted my wife three times on purpose.” The footage then switched to Censori, donning another revealing sheer bodysuit, sharing a laugh with West.

He elaborated, “I’ve given you the album, and still, people [are] in my comments asking, ‘Why [are] you posting your wife?’ Because she brings joy to me. That’s also why you’re enjoying the music. Because my joy is your joy, you get it?”
West then cautioned his followers against posting anything negative, stating bluntly that those who don’t like his content should simply leave his page.

“Seriously! Just leave me be. Leave the king alone. I don’t care, man. I’m gonna share my wife’s images as often as I like. Share your own wife’s photos on your own Instagram.”
In his post’s caption, West stated, “I’m gonna share my wife’s images as much as I desire, man. It brings me joy. Some people don’t wish for your happiness; they seek their own. I chose my happiness, and I’m satisfied with that decision.”

Supporters Encourage Kanye West to Share More Bianca Censori Content

After the release of the video, fans and followers of West chimed in, with a faction showing support and others critiquing him for the sensual nature of the videos.

One individual suggested, “Why all the negativity online? Keep it to yourself and spread more positivity!”
Another voiced support, “Share pictures of your wife, my friend. Delighted to see you’re content. You’re one of the few genuine artists left who isn’t fearful!”

One more added, “The album was incredible! And your wife is beautiful/sexy, but that’s something you’re already aware of!”

A fan playfully remarked, “I’m quite upset you posted your wife three times, but I’m not the boss of you. I’m your brother, and I think you should’ve shared her image four times to clarify the distinction between your page and theirs.”
Despite the backing, some voiced their discomfort with the explicit nature of the Censori videos.
“It’s not about you posting your wife, but about how she’s nearly nude,” stated a follower.

Bianca Censori and Kanye West’s Super Bowl Appearance

Following their attendance at the 2024 Super Bowl, West released the videos of Censori. The couple made a statement with their unique fashion choices at the event.

West hid his features behind a black face cover and an Alexander McQueen mask adorned with a white cross, complementing his attire with a black leather jacket and glossy pants.
Censori coordinated with West, sporting an oversized black jacket and a shiny headpiece that concealed her hair, leaving her face visible.

Later, at a post-Super Bowl party, the 29-year-old model changed into a daring flesh-toned bodysuit that left little to the imagination. West’s shared videos from the event showed Censori repeatedly adjusting her ensemble to prevent any mishaps.

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