Julia Roberts Reflects on Past Romance with Matthew Perry and Their Iconic ‘Friends’ Episode

Julia Roberts recently opened up about her brief but memorable romance with Matthew Perry in the ’90s, alongside their shared experience on the set of the beloved sitcom ‘Friends’. The Oscar-winning actress, known for her roles in hits like ‘Homecoming’ and ‘Leave the World Behind’, reminisced about her guest appearance in the episode ‘The One After the Super Bowl part 2’, where she played a character enacting revenge on Chandler Bing, portrayed by Perry. This revelation offers fans a rare insight into the off-screen dynamics that subtly influenced one of television’s most cherished shows.

Julia Roberts Reflects on Past Romance with Matthew Perry and Their Iconic 'Friends' Episode

The Impact of Matthew Perry’s Passing

The sudden passing of Matthew Perry, at the age of 54, has left a profound impact on those who knew him, including Julia Roberts. Her words, “The sudden passing of anybody so young is heartbreaking,” resonate with the collective grief felt by fans and colleagues alike. Perry’s legacy, however, extends beyond his role as Chandler Bing. His dedication to helping others battle addiction, as evidenced by the Matthew Perry Foundation, reveals a man committed to making a difference. This aspect of his life, as he wished, stands as a significant part of his legacy, overshadowing even his iconic role in ‘Friends’

Julia Roberts Reflects on Past Romance with Matthew Perry and Their Iconic 'Friends' Episode

Behind the Scenes of ‘Friends’ with Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts’ experience on the ‘Friends’ set was marked by a warm welcome from the cast, making her one-off appearance a memorable one. Her interactions with the ensemble cast, particularly with Perry, provided viewers with a unique episode that blended humor and a hint of real-life romance. Roberts’ perspective on her time on the show not only adds depth to our understanding of the series but also highlights the camaraderie and welcoming nature of the ‘Friends’ cast. This behind-the-scenes insight offers fans a closer look at the chemistry and dynamics that made the show a beloved classic.

Matthew Perry’s Enduring Legacy
Matthew Perry’s untimely death has brought renewed attention to his contributions both on and off the screen. His commitment to helping others through his foundation is a powerful reminder of his off-screen persona, which was as impactful as his role on ‘Friends’. Perry’s desire for his legacy to be defined by his humanitarian efforts rather than just his acting career speaks volumes about his character. As fans and colleagues continue to remember him, it’s clear that Perry’s influence extends far beyond the confines of television comedy.

Julia Roberts Reflects on Past Romance with Matthew Perry and Their Iconic 'Friends' Episode

Julia Roberts’ Reflections: A Tribute to a Co-Star and Friend
In her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Julia Roberts offered a heartfelt tribute to Matthew Perry, emphasizing the importance of cherishing life and moving forward positively. Her reflections not only honor Perry’s memory but also shed light on the transient nature of life and the significance of appreciating every moment. As a renowned actress who has worked with numerous talents, Roberts’ words carry weight, offering a poignant reminder of the impact one individual can have on so many lives.


  1. What was Julia Roberts’ role in ‘Friends’?
    Julia Roberts guest-starred in ‘Friends’ as a character seeking revenge on Chandler for past grievances, adding a unique twist to the episode.
  2. How did Matthew Perry want to be remembered?
    Matthew Perry wished to be remembered for his efforts in helping others with addiction, a cause he passionately supported through his foundation.
  3. What impact did Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry have on ‘Friends’?
    Their brief romance and on-screen chemistry added a fascinating layer to the show, making their episode memorable for fans and cast members alike.

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