Is There More to ‘Leave The World Behind’? Hidden QR Code Unveils Haunting Amusement Park Secret!

In the Netflix film Leave The World Behind, viewers have discovered a hidden QR code that leads to a website about a creepy abandoned amusement park. The QR code appears for a brief moment in the film, embedded in a map of the United States on a TV screen during an emergency broadcast scene about 34 minutes into the movie. The code is placed over the Kentucky/West Virginia area and is initially too small and unclear to scan successfully.

However, someone has enhanced the code, revealing that it links to a website for the Lake Shawnee Abandoned Amusement Park in Mercer County, West Virginia. The park is described as “one of the world’s most haunted places,” with a history of violent deaths, freak accidents, and being built over a Native American burial ground.

The significance of the QR code in the context of the film is not immediately clear. The film’s setting is in Long Island, NY, which doesn’t seem to have a direct connection to the amusement park’s location. Some viewers have theorized that the QR code might be a hidden signal within the film, directing people to head to that location for safety. Others believe it’s more likely an easter egg that ties back to the film’s ending and overarching message, which questions what remains when we lose our reliance on technology.

Is There More to 'Leave The World Behind'? Hidden QR Code Unveils Haunting Amusement Park Secret!
The concealed QR code in ‘Leave The World Behind’ directs to a deserted amusement park

At the end of Leave The World Behind, the character Rose becomes engrossed in watching a Friends DVD, becoming oblivious to the unfolding horrors. This could parallel the amusement park’s dark past being overshadowed by its current use as a fun attraction, reflecting society’s tendency to ignore grim realities in favor of entertainment and distraction.

Director Sam Esmail has not yet explained the specific reason for choosing this link for the QR code. The discovery of the QR code and its intriguing link adds another layer of mystery and discussion to the film’s narrative and themes.

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