Is Community Leaving Netflix? Why Is Community Leaving Netflix?

About Community

“Community” is a beloved television series centered around a diverse group of individuals who form a bond at Greendale Community College. The narrative begins with Jeff Winger, a disbarred lawyer who joins the college after his education credentials are questioned. Initially, Jeff forms a study group solely to get closer to a student, Britta Perry. However, the group quickly expands, welcoming members from various walks of life.

As the series unfolds over six seasons, the group embarks on numerous escapades, often entangled in the college’s quirky events and aiding their dean, Craig Pelton, in his various plots to enhance the institution’s image. They also encounter their eccentric teacher, Ben Chang, who contributes to their unique experiences. The show delves into themes of friendship, identity, and community, showcasing the characters’ growth, challenges, and the strong bonds they forge.

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Is Community Leaving Netflix? Why Is Community Leaving Netflix?

Is Community Leaving Netflix?

Indeed, “Community” is set to depart from Netflix in March 2024, marking the end of its availability on the platform. This removal is due to the expiration of licensing agreements, a common practice in the streaming industry. While this news may disappoint fans, the show will likely remain accessible through other streaming services or for purchase on platforms like iTunes or Amazon Prime Video. For those looking to revisit the series or experience it for the first time, it’s advisable to do so on Netflix before its departure.

Community Cast

The cast of “Community” includes:

  • Joel McHale as Jeff Winger
  • Gillian Jacobs as Britta Perry
  • Danny Pudi as Abed Nadir
  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley Bennett
  • Alison Brie as Annie Edison
  • Donald Glover as Troy Barnes
  • Ken Jeong as Ben Chang
  • Chevy Chase as Pierce Hawthorne
  • Jim Rash as Craig Pelton

Community Plot

“Community” explores the dynamic and adventures of a motley crew at Greendale Community College, led by Jeff Winger, a former lawyer seeking redemption. The study group he forms, under the guise of academic pursuit, quickly becomes a melting pot of personalities, each facing their dilemmas and growth. The series is a journey through their collective experiences, highlighting the essence of community and personal development.

Why is Community Leaving Netflix?

The departure of “Community” from Netflix is attributed to the finite nature of licensing agreements for streaming content. These contracts, which grant platforms like Netflix the rights to host shows, have expiration dates. In “Community’s” case, the agreement’s conclusion means Netflix must remove the show from its offerings. The reasons for such agreements ending vary, including decisions by show owners to switch platforms or distribute across multiple services, underscoring the business-driven aspects of content streaming.


  1. Is Community Leaving Netflix?
    Yes, “Community” is scheduled to leave Netflix.
  2. Why is “Community” leaving Netflix?
    The show is leaving due to the expiration of its licensing agreement with Netflix.
  3. Who are the main characters in “Community”?
    The main characters include Jeff Winger, Britta Perry, Abed Nadir, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Troy Barnes, Ben Chang, Pierce Hawthorne, and Craig Pelton.
  4. What happens in each season of “Community”?
    The series chronicles the study group’s adventures and challenges at Greendale, from epic paintball battles to navigating personal growth and relationships.
  5. What are some notable characteristics of the characters in “Community”?
    The characters are known for their diverse personalities, from Jeff’s leadership and Abed’s cinematic worldview to Shirley’s nurturing yet firm presence.

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