Indian Alternatives to Banned Chinese Apps

With the ban of over 250 plus Chinese apps, a host of Indian apps are now entering the market to fill the gap. Here’s a list of Indian alternatives to banned Chinese apps that will be useful for your different needs.

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Indian Alternatives to Banned Chinese Apps

Bharat Browser– Bharat Browser, which has been launched by Bengaluru-based startup BlueSky Inventions, is a good alternative to the UC browser, which was one of the most popular browsers in the country. It has a special section dedicated to kids with pre-loaded games, rhymes, and videos. Users can also check local news, access travel information, and play games on it. It’s been being welcomed by the users and already witnessed over 1 lakh downloads.

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Bharat Browser

Kaagaz Scanner– This homegrown app is an ideal Indian alternative to Cam Scanner and can be used to scan different documents and offers free services in 8 Indian languages. This app was launched in June 2020 and has witnessed over 2 million downloads.

Kaagaz Scanner: The 'Made in India' document scanner app that is making news

Bolo Indya– Bolo Indya has emerged as one of the top short video apps after the Tik-Tok ban. Founded in 2019, Bolo Indya has over 68 lakh monthly active users. It has the same features as Tik Tok that allows users to create and share their experiences, opinions, and knowledge videos in the native languages of India. It has also introduced a feature called Bolo Meets that allows creators to connect with their fans and followers through live video sessions.

Bolo Indya के यूजर्स बढ़े, टिकटॉक को ऐसे देगा टक्कर | BGR India Hindi

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TradeIndia– Post the ban of Alibaba, people still have multiple options of sourcing suppliers, manufacturers, and products. TradeIndia is one such option, as it is an ideal forum for buyers and sellers from across the globe, to interact with each other securely and effectively. It was started in 1996 to offer the Global Business Community a single platform to promote their products and services and has over 5.5 million registered users. They also offer 360-degree digital marketing solutions to SMEs. This app can download its app on iOS and Android.

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Share ALL–  Share ALL is the Indian version of the SHAREit app, created by Indians. You can transfer files to friends’ mobiles anywhere and anytime The app doesn’t offer any limitations when it comes to file type and size. This app is immensely popular among the users and crossed over 5 million downloads on the Play Store. Share ALL is free of cost and is available on the Play Store.

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