How to slay style and be fashionable in monsoon

It is a perfect monsoon time when you enjoy the rain from your window with a cup of tea, but stepping out may be a challenge for all of us. Especially, for all the fashion lovers, it becomes a task to get ready and go out while the rain is still showering. The fact that your fashion sense takes a hit during and styling can all go to waste with the rainfall, doesn’t mean you cannot look fabulous at this time of the year. It’s time to not let the rain come in between your fashion and styling. It’s time to let your fashion statement sparkle in the monsoons too.

How to slay style and be fashionable in monsoons?

Rainy Season Clothes

Go for loose and comfortable clothes. Tight clothes may cause discomfort and irritation if wet. You can not only look great in loose clothes but it will also make it easier for your day to function. Go for jumpsuits that match your fashion statement. Pantsuits would give you a formal look as well as a casual look too (depends on the way you style it). Try on short dresses that match your personality. Shorts can also be a good idea. Shorts can be pulled out with oversized shirts, which gives you a casual look. 

How to slay style and be fashionable in monsoons?

Clothes to avoid in the rainy season

Whites can become problematic in this weather. You would not like rainwater splashing on your white outfits and spoiling your day. Try avoiding clothes that don’t dry quickly. Clothes such as leather, velvets, silk, and other thick fabric. We all are obsessed with denim jeans all the time. However, it may be a bad idea to pull out your denim jeans in this weather. It becomes a task to dry the jeans as well as it creates extra weight if wet.

Say yes to boots!

Boots are always appealing to the eyes. It is this time of the year when you actually pull out your boots and slay your style. You can wear a skirt on top with your boots to keep the look clean and pretty. Try out bright color boots, they provide you with a finishing look to your style. 

How to slay style and be fashionable in monsoons?

Raincoats are a must!

It is important to look stylish in the monsoon but what about the fear of getting wet in the rain? You would not want to ruin your fashion just because you want to be dry all the time. Wearing raincoats can be a lifesaver for making a remarkable fashion statement in this weather. Raincoats are not boring at all! In fact, they will protect you from rain as well as make you look stylish. Black raincoats can make you feel bold and elegant. Whereas, bright-colored raincoats can give you a very fresh and bubbly vibe. However, if you don’t want to shade your outfit with a raincoat, then you can always go for a transparent raincoat. 

How to slay style and be fashionable in monsoons?

Last but not the least, handbags!

Monsoons are all about flowers, greenery, and blossoms. When deciding on a handbag for your day, make sure to pick out a bright-colored one. You can also go for flower-printed bags and style them with your outfit. Brighter colors will lighten your mood in this weather. Handbags can make you look classy. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to have handbags that you can carry, so that your hands are not occupied. 

How to slay style and be fashionable in monsoons?


You would not want your fashion to be a total disaster due to the rainy season. Everyone has a different style. However, everyone can slay their styles while keeping in mind the precaution to take in this weather. Now, don’t wait for the monsoon to go away so that you can make your fashion statement. It is only this time of the year when you actually use your raincoats and rain boots. Make the most out of this time, while enjoying the rain and stepping out with your flawless look.

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