How Does Dexter’s Story Continue After ‘One Day’ Ends? David Nicholls Responds

One Day author David Nicholls has provided insights into the life of the protagonist, Dexter, following the conclusion of the book. The tale of Dexter and Emma, marked by their fluctuating romance since the book’s debut in 2009, has captivated readers and viewers alike. The narrative took a visual form in 2011 with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess leading the film adaptation. The story has recently witnessed a resurgence of interest through the Netflix adaptation, starring Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod.

The Netflix series with the same name concludes with a shocking turn of events, leaving the audience yearning to learn of Dexter’s fate post-narrative. Nicholls has graciously divulged Dexter’s path moving forward.


For those familiar with the story, Dexter and Emma’s journey is a turbulent one that ultimately sees them unite, only for tragedy to strike when Emma is killed in a traffic accident. The series wraps up with Dexter coping with her loss and finding a way to move forward, keeping her memory alive.

With the book and series concluding in 2008, fans have been eager to discover where Dexter’s life is headed sixteen years later, in 2024. Nicholls recently took to Instagram to address this curiosity. He expressed his gratitude towards the Netflix adaptation’s directors and engaged with fans’ inquiries.

In response to a fan’s question about Dexter’s current whereabouts, Nicholls shared his vision of Dexter being well-adjusted, a devoted father, and enjoying success, while still retaining his characteristic charm and occasional foolishness.

David Nicholls confirms that Dexter has retained his endearing qualities but now lives a contented life with his daughter as his focal point.

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