How Can You Watch ‘A Hollow Tree- Skinwalker’ Movie?

A Hollow Tree Skinwalker is currently in development. The makers have uploaded a 22 minute Proof of Concept on YouTube which is available to watch for free.

A Hollow Tree – Skinwalker movie is an independent short film starring Tom Kerrisk and Mathew O’Hare. The video announces that a feature film based on “A Hollow Tree” is currently in development, and the creators are thanking viewers for their support. The video is hosted on the YouTube channel of Cathal Fitzpatrick, which has over 7.26K subscribers.

The content of the video suggests it’s a teaser or a concept demonstration for an upcoming feature film. The creators are encouraging viewers to express their interest in seeing this concept developed into a full-length movie through comments on the video.

Comments on the short video

A Reddit user started a discussion on the short video of A Hollow Tree asking for people’s opinions and redditors had this to say-

“I thought this proof of concept (short film) was just brilliant. I am all in on finding out what happens next.”

“It was fine. I didn’t like the idea of skinwalkers being commonly known entities nor did I care for the post apocalyptic atmosphere. It’s definitely interesting enough for a live-action film though.”

“I would love to see a well-made skinwalker movie; in fact I think it might be better suited to a Netflix series.”

What is a Skinwalker?

According to Wikipedia, in Navajo culture, a skin-walker is a type of harmful witch who can turn into, possess, or disguise themselves as an animal. The term is never used for healers.

Numerous terrifying stories exist about the actions of skinwalkers towards their victims. One such tale involves the use of a deadly poison powder, known as corpse dust, which is said to be crafted from the ground bones of infants, particularly the finger and skull bones of twin babies, used to fatally harm their victims.

Navajo witches, such as skin-walkers, embody everything contrary to Navajo cultural norms. In contrast to the revered community healers and cultural practitioners, often referred to as medicine men and women using affirmative and nurturing terms in the native language, witches are viewed negatively. They are believed to engage in malevolent rituals and misuse magic, distorting the benevolent acts typically carried out by medicine people. Traditional healers are educated in both benevolent and malevolent magic to perform their roles effectively. While most are able to manage this knowledge responsibly, a few may become morally compromised and decide to turn into witches.

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