How can you earn money online? | Know about these jobs

Want to earn money online without leaving the comfort of your home? All you need is a good internet connection, a laptop, and good headphones and you can look for many online money-making opportunities. Generally, people look for these opportunities because it provides the flexibility of working at any time of the day and it’s easier than going out and looking for a job.

There are many jobs available online that can help you exercise various skills of yours. You just need to find out what you are best at and how you can use that skill to your advantage. Sometimes, these can be jobs you have never done before but there are various tools available online to learn the job and you get better with time. Here is a list of jobs that you can do and earn some money online.



Sell your art

Click Photos

Join Q n A

Content Writing

Proof reading


Set up an online Bussiness

Become an Audiobook Narrator

Surveys and Reviews

How can you earn money online?


Freelancing is a very popular job that helps you earn money online from the comfort of your house. As a freelancer, you are self-employed and do not work for a particular company. You can work on multiple jobs at the same time. However, time management and other skills such as managing priorities become essential skills. You can take up jobs such as voice-over acting, social media marketing, logo designing, blogging, and many other similar jobs. 

You can make an account on any of these pages:,, and ProBlogger to start your Freelancing career. You can earn up to Rs. 10,00 to Rs. 30,000 rupees per month and around 2k annually. 

Sandhya Subramanian is one of India’s well-known freelancers. She has gained expertise in the field of content writing, blogging, and is a digital marketing expert. Based in Banglore, Sandhya continues to pursue her writing passion as a Freelancer. According to India Today, there are around 15 million Freelancers in India. 


Listening to an event or a recording and turning it into a document. Does that sound like a boring job? Well, not after you know that as a beginner transcriber, you can earn up to Rs. 1,000 per hour. However, advanced transcribers earn up to Rs. 1,800 to Rs. 2,200 per hour. A job that requires you to listen with earphones plugged in and writing down what you hear. Sounds pretty simple to do, along with making a good amount of money. 

Things you need for a transcribing job are a laptop, earphones, a good place to work, and your ears. Sing yourself up on where you can apply as a Transcriber and get yourself a job and earn money at the comfort of your working space. 

Sell Your Art

If you are an artist, then it’s time to bring your pieces out to the world and make some money. You can make your art available on a website or you could also open your account on social media platforms like Instagram and others to earn money while you also polish your artistic skills. You can earn anywhere between Rs. 3,000 to Rs.50,000 and more accordingly. 

Things you need to start selling your art are a phone, your creative mind, and your selling skills. Before starting a website or opening up a profile on any of the social media pages, make sure you read about the platform and list down features that can help you make more money through your art. 

Click Photos

This is online work without any investment. Here, you simply need to have a smartphone with a good quality camera. All you need to do is just to click pictures and upload them on these apps/websites that will pay you for it. This online job requires no investment and is a good option if you want to make some money. You can earn up to Rs. 7,000 per month by clicking pictures and selling them. 

Eyeme and Foap are apps where you can sell pictures and earn money. Similarly, Snapwire is a website form where you can sell your photos, earn money while taking part in creative challenges. You also can edit your photos for good quality and make them appealing using picture editing apps. You can use the Adobe picture editing app to make your picture look appealing and make edits according to the requirement. Make sure you have these apps installed on your phone and pc, accordingly. 

Joining Q and A websites

Q and A is a section that you will find when you are trying to look for something on google. This section helps the reader get their questions answered. Quora is a Q and A website where all sorts of your questions can get answered. It is on the top of the list for Q and A websites. You can open an account on a Q and A website or you can open your Q and A website and make money by answering people’s questions. 

Make sure you provide personalized answers to questions that people ask. You can earn from Rs. 350 to Rs. 1,400 on Q and A websites. Make sure you keep a track of the FAQ(frequently asked questions) and are up to date about what are people asking questions about to increase your performance and payment on Q and A websites. 

Content Writing

Write for a purpose and earn money. Content writing is a vast field where you can plan lessons for students, go blogging for a website, or write content on social media pages. Content writing allows you to put your brain at work and help build your writing skills while you also make money for your writing work. 

You can sign up on platforms like Upwork, iWrite, or Internshala where you can find content writing jobs according to how long you want to work for and the writing skills you acquire. After having some experience as a content writer you can earn up to Rs. 2-3 lakhs per annum. 

Skills that you acquire as a content writer are commendable writing skills, strong vocabulary and grammar, and good articulation skills. Don’t forget you also need a computer or a pc that makes typing your content easier. Knowing how to use google drive and google docs will also help you ease content writing or you. 

Proof Reading

Reading a text looking for and fixing grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, etc are things you will be expected to do as a proofreader. It is one of the best free online jobs to do without making any investments. You can earn up to Rs. 1,100 to Rs. 1,400 per month proofreading work. 

A proofreader’s job is to re-check and fix the document, it could be a blog, a report, or any other writing piece. You will be excepted to fix all the writing errors before it is finally published. This will require you to have good reading and writing skills, and strong grammar. However, you need not worry these are some skills that you can learn in 2-3 weeks of proofreading work. 

If you are planning to start as a proofreader for the first time, then you should sign up at and start your job as a proofreader. You can also sign yourself up on other apps such as Upwork and ProofreadingPal after you have had some experience at proofreading work. 


The word captioner sounds fancy, right? The work of a captioner is to convert the audio of a video into text. It is the subtitles you see while playing a video on Youtube.

YouTubers usually pay a captioner to convert the audio of their video in textual formal to be uploaded as subtitles. In this job, you have to watch videos and correctly type subtitles, also making sure that the captions are properly in sync with the audio. You have to write the captions without making any grammatical errors or without missing anything in the audio. 

As a Captioner, it is good to have common over a particular language, could be your mother tongue or just any other language. Having good hearing skills will add to your performance as a Captioner. 

You can apply online on for a job and give in your application. After which, you are ready to start your job as a Captioner. You can earn between Rs. 30 – 40 per minute of a video. If you become a skilled and good captioner, you can earn up to 1lakh per month.

Set up an online course 

Everything including education has moved online, and many kids are looking for resources online to study and polish their skills. If you are skilled at a certain subject or topic, it could be designing work, poetry, or English reading and writing skills then that is exactly what you need. You can start an online course for designing work, building poetry writing skills, a program to enhance English reading and writing skills, etc.

You can anywhere between nothing to around 3 lakh per month which depends on multiple factors such as the setup of your course and the demand for the course, etc. Creating an online course is a big job and requires a great amount of commitment and in-depth knowledge about the topic you choose to create the course about. This will make you earn around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3 lakh per month depending on the content and other factors of your course content.

“English for Career Development by the University of Pennsylvania” is a famous online course that you can have a look through for some inspiration for setting up an online course. 

Become an Audiobook narrator

An Audiobook Narrator is someone who records the audio version of a story, text, or document. It is a job that is also filled with entertainment if you love reading and stories. An audiobook narrator can receive Rs. 3000 to Rs. 15,000 per month. If you have a voice that entertains people this is the job for you.

You will need a good recording mic for high-quality recording and some good recording projects in hand for starting your job as an audiobook narrator. Make an account on platforms like Pocket FM and get yourself started as an audiobook narrator. Some of the very famous audiobook narrators are authors like Margaret Atwood and Chetan Bhagat that you can look up to or listen to for some inspiration, tips, and tricks. 

Surveys, Reviews, and Test Websites

Another way to earn some extra money while surfing through the internet is to take some surveys and review any website or product. Doing this you can make around Rs. 300 pr hour to Rs. 70,000 per month depending on the number of reviews and surveys you complete. 

A simple way is also to add Qmee to your google chrome. It will pay you each time you click on a search result. You can also earn through answering Qmee surveys and by sharing your opinion on brands. Other websites where you can earn money simply by giving surveys are SurveyBods and Survey Junkie. Make an account on these websites, fill in reviews and surveys according to your convenience and earn some extra money. You can take this up as a part-time job. 

Earning money online is not difficult. All you need is your device, your creative brain, and some spare time to earn some extra amount of money. While you are sitting home and sipping your tea/coffee explore these other ways to earn money and add some credits to your work experience. 

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