Hollywood Stars Rally Behind Reporter Leslie Horton After Confronting Body-Shaming Comments On Air

Leslie Horton, a traffic journalist for Global News Calgary, has received widespread support from Hollywood celebrities after she addressed body-shaming comments during a live broadcast. Horton, who has been with the Canadian television station since 1995, read out an email on air that body-shamed her, stating, “I’m just gonna’ respond to an email that I just got saying: ‘Congratulations on your pregnancy. If you’re gonna’ wear old bus driver pants, you have to expect emails like this’.” She clarified that she is not pregnant and had lost her uterus to cancer the previous year, adding that her appearance is typical for women her age.

Horton’s response went viral on social media, garnering attention from Hollywood stars like Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Pfeiffer, who expressed their support.

Curtis shared the clip on Instagram, while Pfeiffer responded with “bravo” and clapping hand emojis.

Horton mentioned that she had been receiving “nasty” messages from the same individual for four years but chose to speak out this time as the email had “crossed [her] line.”

She emphasized that while she is open to critiques and messages, inappropriate and shaming comments are unacceptable. Her decision to address the issue publicly has sparked a conversation about body shaming and the impact of such comments.

She said she decided to speak out on this occasion because the email had “crossed my line”.

“I just thought, you can send me your critiques, you can send me some nasty messages, but you do not get to speak to me inappropriately,” she said.

“And that had crossed my line. I found this particular message aimed directly at shaming me, humiliating me and embarrassing me and making me feel bad about myself.

“So I said some words. Apparently, they were coherent. And I finished my traffic report and I walked away.”

Leslie Horton has been working at Global Calgary, a television station covering Calgary in southern Canada, since 1995.

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