Hayley Williams Recalls Learning That Paramore Won Their First Grammy from a Taylor Swift Text

Hayley Williams, the frontwoman of Paramore, recalls the surprising moment she found out they had won their first Grammy for their hit song “Ain’t It Fun.” Taylor Swift, who Williams considers her first industry friend, sent her a text filled with capital letters and excitement. This win also made Williams the first woman to take the honor in more than a decade. Despite the band’s “non-rock” reputation, the win felt like an incredible recognition for their work.

Hayley Williams Remembers when Taylor Swift Sends Her Text After She Won Her First Grammy | saureal.com

Paramore’s first Grammy win for “Ain’t It Fun”

On her victory, Williams recounted that she was in Europe when she found out about their nomination and couldn’t believe it. When they won, she received a flurry of texts, one of which was from Swift. Taylor congratulated and expressed her excitement about the win to Hayley via text message, which left the latter feeling shocked and over the moon.

Writing and reception of ‘Ain’t It Funby Hayley Williams

Written by Williams and Taylor York, “Ain’t It Fun” quickly became the band’s highest-charting single. The song received a double-platinum certification and climbed to the number ten spot on the music chart. However, when the song won the Best Rock Song award, the band received criticism for not being rock-like enough compared to the other contenders in the category, such as White, The Black Keys, Ryan Adams, and Beck. Despite the criticism, the fact that a woman won the Best Rock Song title for the first time since Alanis Morissette in 1999 made it feel all the more special.

Hayley Williams Won Grammy for her Hit Song "Ain't It Fun" | saureal.com

Hayley Williams and Taylor Swift’s friendship

Paramore’s first Grammy win for “Ain’t It Fun” was a memorable moment for the band, especially for Hayley Williams, who became the first woman to win the Best Rock Song category in more than a decade. Williams recently recalled learning about their historic win through a text message from her “industry friend,” Taylor Swift.

Williams and Swift met at Timbaland’s Grammy party, after Swift’s mom introduced them to each other. “Me and Taylor met because both of us- Paramore and Taylor – were nominated for Best New Artist the same year at the Grammys,” Williams revealed in a recent interview. “I was very nervous, but a woman came up to me and said, ‘I’m Taylor Swift’s mom and, you know, Taylor doesn’t have a lot of friends her age that do music. And I would love to, like, you know, introduce you guys or get your number.'”

The two became fast friends and often collaborated, with Paramore serving as one of the opening acts for Swift’s Eras Tour. They also toured together in Europe. Both have expressed their admiration and respect for each other’s work, and their friendship has only grown stronger over the years.

Williams was thrilled to receive a congratulatory text from Swift when she found out about Paramore’s Grammy win. She admitted feeling shocked and grateful for the recognition, adding that winning the award made her proud to be a part of history and to have written something that could be recognized that way.

Their friendship and collaboration have proven to be a significant factor in the success of both artists. As Paramore continues to make music, fans can only hope that they will team up with Swift again in the future.

Reaction to the Grammy win

Hayley Williams felt honored and proud when Paramore won the Grammy for “Ain’t It Fun”, especially since she became the first woman to win the Best Rock Song category since Alanis Morrissette. However, the band also received flack for not being rock enough compared to the other nominees. Despite the criticism, Williams acknowledged the significance of winning the award and felt grateful for the recognition. It was also special for her to receive a congratulatory text from her close friend, Taylor Swift, who had helped her navigate the music industry since they both met at Timbaland’s Grammy party. The win was a validation of the band’s hard work and dedication over the years, and Williams cherished the moment and the memories that came with it.

taylor swift | saureal.com

Hayley Williams’ first Grammy win for “Ain’t It Fun” was a milestone moment in her career and led to a heartwarming moment when her friend Taylor Swift texted her the news. The win was a testament to Williams’ songwriting talent, but also led to criticism for not being “rock enough.” Nonetheless, Williams felt honored and proud to receive the award, and her friendship with Swift has continued to flourish.

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