Have you tried these Insta Reels Challenges yet?

Checking social media apps has become a part of our daily routine. One very popular activity that gets us hooked is the trending InstaReels for challenges undertaken by various celebrities and laymen alike. These are done maybe just out of curiosity or one is trying to become a social media influencer and wants to get on the bandwagon. Check out the recent trending challenges/reels on Instagram. See if you want to try one of these.

Have you tried these Insta Reels Challenges yet?

1.  #SayNochallenge – Saying NO is generally construed negatively. But these days it is considered to be a power which one should learn. This is a challenge in which one has to say NO in 4 various moods. For eg. say NO in flirty style or when angry. You may use the reel posted by popular Hina Khan and try this out.

2.   #Shutupandbendover challenge – If you are someone who likes dancing then show it off with this challenge. It has a cool body roll and leg step. This can also be made funny with modifications to the famous twerk step. You can also tag along with a partner in crime and groove to this. Check out the modified version by Malaika Arora.

 3.  #Breakfast challenge- This is not just a challenge but requires mastering the sequence of steps. Great music and amazing depiction is what this challenge is all about. Try your hands on this if you take insta reel challenge seriously. Check out the sample video.

 4. #Bawla – This one has the typical traditional song, modified with a Badshah touch. The trending hook step is simple yet can be customized to level up the performance. Try this challenge with your tribe and the synchronization would be appealing for sure. Check out the version with some great moves.

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 5.  #QuestionsIGetAskedAs – This one is catching up really quick as it can be personalized to your life and still be a trending reel. You can choose any question that you want to answer and the outlandish reply to those as well. The music of this is really upbeat and stays in your mind.  Check out the video of what questions an influencer are subject too.

 6. #Catchmyface challenge- This insta reel challenge will test how fast your responsive nerve system works 😜. You need to match your nose, eyes, and mouth by blinking your eye at the correct timing to complete your face or land up with a disfigured one. It may take several attempts to hit the bull’s eye but worth a try! Check the video and try attempting it atleast once.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and try one of these to get trending!

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