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Get Delicious Plant-Based Products From One Good

Vegan food products and items are considered to be not tasty, not accessible, and expensive. Are you someone who is against animal agriculture but you cannot find affordable vegan food? Don’t think too much, now anyone can order vegan food at a reasonable price with the help of One Good product. 

One Good

Get Delicious Plant-Based Products From One Good

    One Good is a start-up that aims to provide its consumers with safe, high quality and affordable vegan products at home. One Good has everything that you need and want! It has all the best vegan food products. They have curd, paneer, butter, cheese, mayo, mylk, ghee, proteins, chocolate bars, Kheema, and so on. The list is never-ending, they take care of all the customer needs and have provided specific types of products too. Such as, they have particular products like multivitamins for males and females. 

Their Story

Get Delicious Plant-Based Products From One Good
Abhay Rangan

    Abhay Rangan was the one who started the company. He strongly believed in vegan food. When he was 19 years old, he randomly met someone in an animal rights awareness campaign, where the person said that vegan products are not affordable which is why he doesn’t want to be vegan. This was enough for Abhay to start thinking of his goal of increasing vegan product consumption at a reasonable price. With the help of his family, he started making vegan products in his house. His mother used to make peanut curd in her house and Abhay was the only one delivering the product in Bangaluru. 

    The company started very small but soon started to grow due to the increasing demand. The company needed passionate partners to grow the company. Soon they gained more delivery partners, co-founders, and operations & sales partners. Here on the rest is history. The company has got awards such as Best Vegan Curd Award, PETA, 2019, and Social Impact Award, NVC, CU Boulder, 2018. 

Their recipe section

Get Delicious Plant-Based Products From One Good

    Do you know what is the best thing about them? They provide all vegan food recipes. They have amazing recipes for vegan food on their website, which could be a big help for a person who is vegan but wants to eat street food too. You must be surprised while going through their recipe section. They have recipes for vegan-style pav bhaji, masala chai, dahi vada, kheer, mango cake, hot chocolate, and so on. Isn’t it amazing? You can now still enjoy your favourite food even if you switch to being vegan.

The guide to veganism

    You know they strongly support veganism when you go through their Indian beginner guide to veganism. All your inquiries would be answered through the guide. They talk about the reasons why one should be vegan. They mention how it can help the environment. They also mention being vegetarian and does it make any difference to being a vegan. The section also answers the ethical issue of the whole animal agriculture part. They even explain the benefits of going vegan. Moreover, the section is filled with information that would make you go vegan for sure! It will surely convince you to try any of the vegan products for a better cause.

The Subscription to some products

    You would fall in love with the website if you wish to go vegan and you need their dairy products weekly. They have subscriptions for their dairy products! Isn’t that awesome, you subscribe to the product and they will deliver you the product in 1-2 days. They have three offers in the subscription section. The subscription can be for one month, three months, and 6 months. The delivery will be once a week and the best part is there are no delivery charges. The product would be delivered early in the morning to your doorstep. You can subscribe to curd, mylk (sugar, no sugar), paneer, butter, and other types of mylk.

    All the amazing and fascinating things about One Good’s website would make you go vegan. You would want to try their product even if you are not entirely vegan. Going vegan is our personal choice, however, taking care of the animals and working towards a better environment is our responsibility. Veganism is one way of working towards our responsibility. One Good has taken that responsibility in going against animal agriculture and improving the environment through its vegan products. 

Delivery: All over India


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products does One Good make?

    One Good makes vegan products, which include all vegan dairy products as well as some additional goods. They make chocolates as well as curds. Their variety is their specialty. They also make plant-based meat, for all the people who might find it hard to leave meat. They produce plant-based nutrition for both males and females as well as they are good at making paneer and ghee. They have everything that a person who is vegan wants.

Who is the CEO of One Good?

    The CEO of One Good company is Abhay Rangan, an animal activist. He firmly believes in plant-based agriculture and vegan food. He started the company with the vision of providing people vegan food at an affordable price, which should be accessible to all. 

Where can I buy One Good product?

    You can go and order from the website of One Good. Moreover, you can also buy their products from Bigbasket, Amazon, Alt Mart, Vegan Dukan, the Vvegano Store, VeganMall, and  Wildermart. You can also go to their stores that are located in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Telangana, Hyderabad, and  Maharashtra. You can find detailed addresses on their website.

Is vegan food healthy? 

    Vegan food is a plant-based diet, which includes vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, and legumes. Such a diet provides you with fibre and other nutrients. Vegan foods are healthy as they help protect against diseases like cancer and diabetes. Studies show that those who eat meat are more likely to get heart diseases, in that case, vegan food is beneficial and healthy. It is said that going vegan can also increase your lifespan, as you consume a healthy diet.

What should be considered a vegan product?

    Here is the list for you:

  1. Nuts and seeds.
  2. Pasta, bread, rice.
  3. Vegetable oil such as avocado oil, olive oil, sesame oil, and many more.
  4. Dairy alternatives, for example, coconut milk, almond milk, and soymilk.
  5. Legumes, like beans and peas.
  6. Fruits and vegetables.

For a better understanding, here is the list of what should not be considered a vegan product/item:

  1. Red meat; Beef, Pork, etc.
  2. Poultry, like chicken. 
  3. Eggs.
  4. Crabs, mussels, fish, etc.
  5. Dairy items such as milk, ice cream, curd, etc.
  6. Honey
  7. Mayonnaise 

What is vegan meat and is it available in India?

    Vegan meats are products that have some qualities, textures, flavour, appearance, and features like meat but are not real animal-based meat. They are made of vegetable protein, soy, lentils, and legumes. Yes, it is available in India. Additionally, it is achieving greater demand day by day, which is why many companies are starting to produce vegan meat.

Is veganism popular in India?

    There is a rough estimate that there are around 500 million vegetarians in India in the year 2020, out of which only 5 million are true vegans. However, after the pandemic, people are more concerned about their health and many have switched to vegan food and products. Veganism is getting popular for its benefits in India.   

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