Top FREE Android Apps to Download in 2021

Finding the perfect or a new app on the Play Store can be quite a challenging task. From the maze of the Play Store, check out a variety of Android Apps that cater to your different needs.

112 India

The 112 SOS Mobile App is a part of the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS), a Govt of India initiative. In an emergency situation, a person in distress may seek the assistance of local emergency service delivery departments and volunteers through the App. The App will send emergency alerts with the user’s details(name, age, emergency contacts) and location information, along with a generated call to ‘112’ – to the State Emergency Control Room and the person’s emergency contacts.


Access Dots

For Android phone users, it’s a bit difficult to always check whether you have granted an app access to your camera/microphone/pictures. Access Dots helps you in doing just that by showing you an indicator on the top right corner of the phone. Access Dots adds the same iOS 14 style indicators (few pixels light up as a dot) to your screen whenever any third-party App uses your phone’s camera/GPS location/microphone.


Coupon Duniya

Although this app is a very familiar name but no harm in revisiting the old names. As the name suggests, CouponDunia helps you to save money through a comprehensive listing of coupons, offers, deals, and discounts from top online brands and websites.


Brightness Manager

You might like a certain level of brightness in a game that you’re playing while you might not like the same while you’re using the Kindle app. This app helps you to adjust the brightness level for every app separately and automatically. It especially helps when any app doesn’t support the dark mode.


Send Files to TV

This is one of the easiest ways to send any video/subtitle that’s on your mobile to your smart TV. If you are using a Kindle Fire Stick and you want to watch a movie that’s on your phone on the big screen, just download this app on your phone and the Fire Stick to transfer the files.


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