Eight Reliable Sites To Buy The Best Sneakers From

The current boom in the shoe business is undoubtedly a result of the millennial and GenZ interest in looking for unique brands that synonymous with their personal identity. When it comes to collecting limited edition sneakers like collector’s Air Jordans, Dunks, Yeezys, and other items, certain limited edition items might be harder to get than others, particularly if you’re trying to fit in with the hype beasts. Therefore, here is a list to simplify your life if you’ve been hunting for reliable platforms to get your hands on real shoes.


Eight Reliable Sites To Buy The Best Sneakers

VegNonveg is one of the most popular locations for footwear. A well-curated collection may be found here usually for retail prices. Keep up with them by following them since they sometimes host raffles for drops of some of the most sought-after goods. In addition to shoes, you may get clothing, accessories, and shoe care supplies. Additionally, they have locations in cities like Bangalore, Bombay, and Delhi.

Brand Information

Founders: Anand Ahuja and Abhineet Singh
Company site:  https://www.vegnonveg.com/

Mainstreet Marketplace

Eight Reliable Sites To Buy The Best Sneakers

Mainstreet Marketplace is one of the premier street-wear destinations for fashion wear and shoes. They make exclusive kicks from Yeezys, Jordans, Anti Social Social Club, Adidas, Nike, etc. Perry Cross Road store in Mumbai and Dhanamal Compound showroom in Delhi are part of this premier reselling market. You might strike a lucky chord here if you’ve had your eye on a specific pair of Jordans for a while but can’t get your hands on them.

Brand Information

Founder’s: 22-year-old Vedant Lamba
Company site: https://marketplace.mainstreet.co.in/

Crepdog Crew

Eight Reliable Sites To Buy The Best Sneakers

Crepdog Crew (@crepdogcrew) began its journey as an Instagram page and quickly gained the confidence of not just sneakerheads but also sneaker enthusiasts who were happy to pay for a service that guaranteed authenticity and timely delivery alongside variety. has become the largest marketplace for everything from shoes to shirts to socks and even laces. Jordan 1 High FragmentXTravis Scott’s, Union LA’s, Purple Lobster Dunks, Yeezy 350 Belugas- and countless others can be copped on the website.

Brand Information

Founder: Anchit KapilGOAT Sneakers

Company site: https://crepdogcrew.com/

GOAT Sneakers

Eight Reliable Sites To Buy The Best Sneakers

GOAT Sneakers is a global marketplace where you can discover a variety of shoes, accessories and apparel. It does more than just ship across India. They now have over 200,000 items in their collection. Every pair of shoes has a different price, even if it’s the same model in various sizes. You can be sure you’re buying original art because only the GOAT authenticates each item.

Brand Information

Founders: Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano

Company site: https://www.goat.com/


Eight Reliable Sites To Buy The Best Sneakers

StockX is a worldwide marketplace to buy and sell the hottest sneakers. Their website operates like a stock market, with prices set by supply and demand. Therefore, you can place a bid or buy straight. They take care to validate every item before anyone makes a purchase.

Brand Information

Founder: Joshua Eliot “Josh” Luber
Company site: https://stockx.com/

Superkicks India

They offer everything from Nike to Adidas to Asics to New Balance to Converse. Their website is relatively easy to use. For easy browsing, footwear is divided into four categories: shoes, slides and sandals, classics and basketball. Additionally, you can find apparel from Adidas, Reebok, Nike, and other sports equipment manufacturers. According to their website, more will ship 4-6 days after ordering.

Brand Information

Founders: Vibhor Nahata & Sangeet Paryani
Company site: https://superkicks.in/

Cups ‘N’ Kicks

Cups ‘N’ Kicks have a large selection of Jordans, Yeezys and Nike Dunks, but their clothing selection is minimal, consisting of only a Drew House and an Essentials T-shirt. The most important aspect of this platform is that they give away free shoes every month. Yes, you read that right!

Brand Information

Founder: Vishal Chhabra
Company site: https://www.cupsnkicks.com/

Sole Search India

Sole search functions just like StockX but only covers India. Most of the shoes in their inventory are made by Nike and Adidas. They carry a large and impressive selection of streetwear, including companies such as Anti-Social Social Club, No Gray Area, Fear of God Essentials and others.

Brand Information

Founder: Rannvijay Singh
Company site: https://www.solesearchindia.com/

What Are Sneakers? History Of The Sneakers

People wore plimsolls in the late 18th century, but they were somewhat primitive—for instance, there was no right or left foot. The U.S. Rubber Company created the Keds brand of more comfortable rubber sneakers with canvas uppers around 1892. These sneakers started being made in bulk in 1917. They were so silent that someone wearing them might sneak up on someone, hence the term “sneakers.”

The first sneaker explicitly developed verse. The sneakers became known as Chuck Taylor All-Stars in 1923 after Indiana basketball player Chuck Taylor endorsed them. These are the basketball sneakers that have sold the most worldwide.

Early Sneakers

The first rubber sneakers were created around 1907. The only alteration was substituting this silent rubber sole for the previous traditional shoes. A completely new realm of sports shoes was introduced with the invention of the rubber sole and the sneaker. There was no distinction between left and right feet.

Sport shoes started to become widely accepted once other brands and styles appeared. When basketball players began endorsing sneakers, the market for sneakers exploded, and kids lined up to purchase a pair.

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Sneakers Go Global

In 1924, sneakers were first sold abroad. At that time, a German man named Adi Dassler invented a sneak and gave it his brand: Adidas. This company’s line of athletic footwear rose to global prominence. When Jesse Owens won four gold medals in track in the 1936 Olympics, he wore Adidas. Rudi, the brother of Adi, founded Puma, a well-known manufacturer of athletic footwear.

Sports shoes were mainly used for playing sports during the first part of the 20th century. However, kids started donning them as fashion statements in the 1950s. After watching James Dean wear sneakers in the hit film Rebel Without a Cause, more teenagers joined the trend.

Sneakers Today

What, then, are sneakers? Sneakers are flexible, ageless athletic shoes, and most of us own at least a pair or two. This versatile casual shoe style is available in various designs, including classic, platform, dressy, and sneakers. It is now a requirement for everyone’s appearance, regardless of age, and is no longer just worn with athletic attire. Nowadays, wearing sneakers with a suit is just as normal as wearing jeans or a tracksuit.