Disney Unveils Eight Biggest Movies Releasing in 2024

Disney recently unveiled its theatrical slate for 2024 amidst industry strikes, revealing eight of its biggest blockbusters that audiences should anticipate in the coming year. While remaining questions about potential delays still arise, the announcement brings excitement to the upcoming films of 2024. The impact of industry strikes on Disney’s 2024 releases is evident, but that doesn’t stop the audience from yearning for them. Stay tuned to find out more about Disney’s upcoming movies and the effects of industry strikes on them.

Deadpool 3

Disney Unveils Eight Biggest Movies Releasing in 2024 | saureal.com

Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are set to have a Multiversal adventure in the film that features a lengthy list of confirmed cameos and a few rumored possibilities. With production on halt due to strikes, a 2024 release might be a possibility if things start to turn around in January 2024.

Captain America: Brave New World

Disney Unveils Eight Biggest Movies Releasing in 2024 | saureal.com

Captain America: Brave New World – July 26, 2024 Marvel Sam Wilson’s first big screen entry as Captain America, Brave New World, is expected to set up Thunderbolts. Harrison Ford stars as Thunderbolt Ross. There’s speculation that Captain America 4 could release sooner, taking Deadpool 3’s May 3 slot due to already having completed principal photography.

Untitled Alien Event Movie

Disney Unveils Eight Biggest Movies Releasing in 2024 | saureal.com

Untitled Alien Event Movie: Fede Alvarez’s addition to the Alien franchise is expected to follow a group of young people confronting the most terrifying creature in the universe on a distant world. The ninth film in the franchise began production in Budapest on March 9, 2024.

The Amateur

Disney Unveils Eight Biggest Movies Releasing in 2024 | saureal.com

The Amateur is an action thriller film starring Rami Malek and Rachel Brosnahan. The CIA cryptographer loses his wife in a terrorist attack and then blackmails the agency to train him to take down his wife’s killers himself. The movie promises to be an intense and engaging watch for action-thriller fans.


Disney Unveils Eight Biggest Movies Releasing in 2024 | saureal.com

Thunderbolts: Marvel’s long-awaited team-up film brings together past MCU antiheroes and villains including Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes and more. Fans eagerly await the film’s release on December 20, 2024. Will Disney stick to its schedule despite ongoing industry strikes?

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes – May 24, 2024: Owen Teague stars in a sequel to 2017’s War for the Planet of the Apes. Set generations in the future, apes are now the rulers while humans struggle to survive. Fans received a sneak peek in 2022 & a trailer in November 2023 for the upcoming Disney release.

Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2, a Pixar movie, is set to release nine years after the original 2015 film. The film will reunite much of Inside Out’s original cast of emotions, along with a range of new emotions as a result of Riley’s teenage years. Its release date in 2024 is uncertain due to the ongoing industry strikes.

Mufasa: The Lion King

Mufasa: The Lion King intends to tell a new story about Mufasa’s path to becoming king and his relationship with his brother, Scar. Barry Jenkins is helming the sequel, but there is little information on its progress or the likelihood of it keeping its July 5, 2024 release date.

Disney’s 2024 theatrical slate has been a topic of discussion amidst the ongoing industry strikes, but the company has still managed to keep fans excited with the announcement of its eight biggest upcoming movies. From Deadpool 3 to Thunderbolts, fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite characters back on the big screen. Despite the uncertainty caused by the strikes, Disney remains hopeful about the release of these highly anticipated movies. Amidst all the chaos, the reveal of Disney’s 2024 movie lineup brings excitement to fans and a glimmer of hope for the industry’s future.

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