Deadpool 3’s Filming Restart: What Does It Mean for Its Release Date?

Deadpool 3: Filming and Release Updates

The much-anticipated “Deadpool 3,” which marks Ryan Reynolds’ debut into the Marvel Studios canon, has faced some challenges on its journey to the big screen. A recent report has shed light on when the filming for “Deadpool 3” could potentially restart and what this means for its release date.

Deadpool 3's Filming Restart: What Does It Mean for Its Release Date?

Filming Hurdles:
The initial filming of “Deadpool 3” was abruptly halted due to the actors’ strike earlier this year. This unexpected pause has raised questions about the film’s previously announced release date of May 3, 2024. According to Anthony D’Alessandro from Deadline, despite Disney’s stance, the film’s release will likely be postponed.

Restarting Filming:
There’s hope on the horizon for “Deadpool” fans. If the ongoing Hollywood actors’ strike is resolved soon, Marvel could potentially restart filming in the coming months. Disney is optimistic about resuming production on this MCU blockbuster by January 2024. However, the longer the strike continues, the less feasible this timeline becomes. Before the halt, director Shawn Levy mentioned they were “halfway through filming.” Given that it took two months to film half the movie, it’s reasonable to assume another two months would be required to complete it. If filming does resume in January, it’s likely the movie would wrap up by March 2024.

Deadpool 3's Filming Restart: What Does It Mean for Its Release Date?

Potential Release Date:
With the original release date of May 3 looking increasingly improbable, speculations are rife about when “Deadpool 3” will hit theaters. If filming concludes by the end of March 2024, the post-production work required would make the May release unattainable. Some fans are hopeful that the film might take the July 26 release slot, currently occupied by “Captain America: Brave New World.” However, this seems optimistic given the tight schedule. A more realistic expectation, if filming restarts in January 2024, would be a release in November or December 2024. This timeline would provide ample time for post-production. Currently, “Thunderbolts” is slated for a December 20, 2024 release, which could be an ideal spot for “Deadpool 3,” potentially pushing “Thunderbolts” to 2025.

While the actors’ strike has thrown a wrench into the plans for “Deadpool 3,” fans are eagerly awaiting updates on the film’s progress. The potential restart of filming in early 2024 offers a glimmer of hope. However, with the shifting timelines, it’s clear that fans might have to wait a bit longer to see Ryan Reynolds reprise his role as the witty and irreverent Deadpool.

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