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Come! Join the Vegolution for your daily protein needs

Are you getting your daily protein intake? This question is asked quite frequently. Whether you want to get lean, gain muscle, or lose some pounds, protein intake is the talk of the town. When we talk about protein the first thing that one associates it with is either eggs or chicken. But what if you are a vegetarian. Vegolution is here to your rescue! Join the vegolution for your daily protein needs.

Vegolution is the solution to vegetarian protein needs. They have introduced a bean-based food ingredient called ‘Hello Tempayy’. Tempayy (also known as Tempeh or Tempe) is made by fermenting the best quality non-GMO soybeans. These are easy to cook, nutritious, and tasty. This can be easily used in various forms and styles of cooking. This is natural, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Tempayy Cubes |Come! Join the Vegolution for your daily protein needs

Founded by Siddhart Ramasubramanian along with his long time health enthusiast friend Rajat Malhotra, Vegolution is a result of the study conducted by them in India pertaining to the gap of protein in the main meals for vegetarians. In one of the interviews, the co-founder explained ‘’While there are many supplements (bars and shakes) entering the market, we are focused on the main plate where we see a large gap.”

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The Tempayy cubes are available in four flavours- natural, peppery szechuan chilli, spiced tawa masala and simply sriracha. It’s available in a 200gms pack and the price range is Rs. 130 for the natural and Rs. 150 for the flavoured ones. They are currently available only in Bangalore and offer free delivery for orders above Rs.350. They also offer returns and refund but with few conditions which are stated on their website.

Tempayy Home Style Makhani | Come! Join the Vegolution for your daily protein needs
Come! Join the Vegolution for your daily protein needs

The product is made under the guidance of the quality and regulatory advisors. They partner with suppliers /manufacturers who can meet the stringent requirements of the company.

Around December 2020, Vegolution raised $1 million from external investors. The founders have also pumped in an additional $500,000 in this round. Investors who participated in this round include KS Narayanan, former president at VKL Seasonings; Ashok Barat, former CEO at Forbes and Company; and Robert Boughner, former CEO of the US-based Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. 

Shout out to all vegetarians, try some Tempayy bhurji or tacos or stir fry, etc. and fulfill your protein quota to stay healthy!


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