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Best Men’s Perfume Brands in India

Perfumes have been around for ages but it still takes a lot of time to find the smell that is meant for ‘you’. A good fragrance for men always adds greater elegance to their fashion and completes their outfits.

Applying the best perfume makes you attractive and captivates greater attention, making your presence more desirable for people. So, let’s go and explore some of the long-lasting, and best perfume brands in India for men that you can get your hands on.

Hugo Boss

Best Men’s Perfume Brands in India |

Hugo Boss is amongst the best lost-lasting fragrances and men’s perfume brands in India. It has a very fresh and sharp fragrance with an additional tinge of the spicy fragrance at the base. It gives an energizing fresh fragrance. The brand is considered a cultural icon due to its brand popularity and Hugo plays a high-end role as a major fashion brand worldwide. Hugo Man Eau de Toilette is considered the best Hugo perfume and you might want to try it as well. The 75 ml spray costs Rs. 5,675 in India.

Ralph Lauren

Best Men’s Perfume Brands in India |

Offering a wide variety of perfumes from the iconic polo, Ralph Lauren is one of the “best-selling perfumes in India”. The bottle is designed as such that the exterior of the bottle is more than enough for attracting a great audience to purchase it. Its exterior design and the very smell of the perfume can also be used to gift your loved ones on special occasions. Polo Blue is considered to be one of the best Ralph Lauren fragrances in the whole collection. It is worth a try, you will love the fresh smell it gives. You can purchase Ralph Lauren Polo Blue at the cost of about Rs. 8050 for 125 ml in India.

Gucci Guilty

Best Men’s Perfume Brands in India |

The fragrance is bold and driven due to the multiple ingredients such as sandalwood, zest pink, pepper that the perfume is made up of. It very well fits into the definition of masculinity and is quoted as being for men who ‘know and get exactly what they want”. People who have used the perfume before rate it to have one of the best fragrances that are long-lasting(between 7-12 hours). You can purchase the perfume at Rs. 5,400. It is easily available for purchase on websites such as, and many more.

Azzaro Pour Homme

Best Men’s Perfume Brands in India |

Azzaro Pour Homme perfume has a very earthly fragrance and is advised for men who want to stand out in a place crowded with people. It has a fragrance that lasts long. The perfume ingredients such as mint, sandalwood, lemon, that make the fragrance so enduring It is one of the special perfumes that offer you masculine elegance. The perfume costs Rs. 3,969 for 100 ml and is easily accessible on multiple e-commerce sites in India.

Armaf Voyage

Armaf Voyage has a spicy ting to its fragrance as its base is made up of special ingredients such as intense woods, and beans. This makes the perfume highly desirable for Indian men. It is also the best choice for men who like to tour different horizons. The perfume lasts for about 6-9 hours a day, giving you an amazing fragrance. The perfume can easily be purchased for Rs. 980 for 100 ml in India.

Bvlgari Aqva

The Bvlgari Aqva is an extremely well-known choice for Indian men. If you are someone who is always at the front for purchasing luxurious fragrances then Bvlgari is among the right choices for you. The outer look of the fragrance has a very classy-looking exterior which makes it all the more desirable for men. The perfume is considered the most attractive men’s perfume. Bvlgari Aqva will surely make the heads turn with its playful fragrance. You can easily purchase the perfume at Rs. 5,500 in India. It is also considered to have a masculine fragrance.

Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water as suggested by its name is a water-based perfume that offers a very fresh essence. Most of which is achieved by the combination of rosemary, jasmine, amber, and similar ingredients. The perfume costs around Rs. 2875 (on in India and is available on multiple shopping websites in India. Davidoff Cool Water offers you a great deal of pleasant scent and a fragrance that is long-lasting.

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Lastly, when spraying a little of your most desirable perfume adds more elegance to your fashion and outfit, then why not purchase the best brands of perfumes for men in India. These men’s perfume brands are not inexpensive but are a worthy buy. Buy the one that suits you and your skin and is of your taste. So, upgrade your smell to complete the look when you wear your best outfits before you step out for any important occasion.

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