Best Language Learning Apps

If you are fed up watching the OTT shows and want to learn something new that can help you in the long term, it’s best to invest time in learning a new language. Like the Chinese proverb goes- To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world. So here’s presenting you the best language learning apps-


Duolingo provides a clean interface to learn a new language. It doesn’t start from grammar but tells you about basic words and phrases that are used in that language with pictures and pronunciations. This app has mini-lessons that feel like you are playing games. It has more than 35 languages to choose from. It has become one of the most popular platforms to learn a new language from.

How to make your own language app like Duolingo? | Mobindustry


This app has created a 3-step approach to learning that helps you acquire a new language like you did the first time around: naturally. It adapts your lessons to your individual needs, which keeps the boredom away so you stay motivated and learn faster. With thousands of naturally-voiced audio and video clips you’ll watch, listen and learn from real locals.

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The app Drops just asks you to give 5 minutes a day to learn a new language. There are 41 languages to choose from and you can study new words & phrases with beautiful, mnemonic illustrations. The UI is a swipe-based design that encourages you to associate a word with its correct meaning or with the correct image.


According to Pimsleur’s website, you just don’t study a new language, you learn to speak a new language. You acquire your new language by listening, mimicking, and answering questions — the same way you mastered your native language as a child. They ask you for 30 minutes a day and you can listen to the lessons while jogging, commuting or cooking. You can learn more than 51 languages on this app. They focus on conversational language skills more than playing games and matching cards.

Best Language Learning Apps


Rates highly on the app stores, Mondly is one of the best language learning apps. It’s been designed by combining principles of neuroscience with cutting-edge technologies. The Mondly app uses a combination of course materials, augmented reality (AR), and chatbots to help you master a new language. They currently have 41 languages on the platform that can be used in any combination. This means that you don’t necessarily need to learn from English.

Best Language Learning Apps


Babbel is one of the earliest players in language learning. It offers courses for learning 13 different languages. The company works with 150 linguists, polyglots, teachers to create high quality content for the users. You can customise the lessons based on how many minutes you can give one day and many other factors. It works on a subscription based model.

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Rosetta Stone

This is an award winning language learning solution that combines proven learning methods with its speech recognition technology. You can learn 24 languages in this app and you also can choose which level of learning you are at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. The app provides you a 3 month, 6 months or 12 months subscription plan. You can also choose your goal for learning, if it’s for travel, business, or just learning.

Rosetta Stone: Learn Language Mobile App | The Best Mobile App Awards

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