Best Instagram Pages You Should Follow

Best Instagram pages to follow

We will tell you today about the best Instagram pages to follow. Instagram is a vibrant social-media site but one might get lost easily and not consume content that you really want to see. Instagram pages is a haven for not just influencers, but also news media outlets, online communities, meme pages and other digital creators

You can use the ‘Explore’ option to browse through posts and reels which cater to your interests. Additionally, you can browse through the listing of pages that will pique your curiosity. There are thousands of Instagram pages that you must follow but we looked at some of the best Instagram pages that we visit regularly. These pages range from news analysis to showing us memes to telling us about facts that we weren’t aware of. Let’s look at these pages-


They call themselves voice of the creative youth. Under25 is a media company that was founded by Shreyans Jain and Anto Philip as first-year undergraduates at Christ University Bangalore. It is basically a platform for young people who wanted to interact with other like-minded individuals.  

In terms of using Instagram as a means to spread their influence, Under25 has done a terrific job. Apart from their official page @under25official, they also run pages that deal with a variety of topics- all of them related to youth.  

So, what exactly do you find here? Memes, news, and even bizarre definitions of internet lingo using a clever mix of pop-culture references and recent trends. Visit their page for more information on everyday events and connect to a growing community of young people. It’s really a funny Instagram page that you should visit.


Just like under25, The Indian Idiot is a digital community for young Indians. Their Instagram page’s content is electrifying. They discuss everything from pop culture, trending news, mental health, environment, sports and have amassed 752K followers.  

Famous for their “We asked people to share their real-life paranormal experiences” posts and “news you many/many not have missed” posts, the page allows youngsters to delve into a safe online space. Community is important to The Indian Idiot- they even allow guest authors to submit their content.


Brut. is a digital media organization that produces short video content for global audiences. Based in France, Brut. publishes content every day through eight social networks, and produces over 1.5 billion monthly views.  

On Instagram, Brut. has a considerable presence. With over 1.9 million followers on @brut.India, their India-specific Instagram page, the page produces IGTV videos and reels on not just everyday news, but also opinion pieces and myth-busters. So, if you want to catch some real, credible news in this age of misinformation, Brut. is the page for you. 


Who doesn’t like facts? If there is a childhood memory one can remember is the joy of reading new facts written on the back pages of Classmate registers. So, if you are one of those “fact-lovers”, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Instagram pages.  

@uberfacts is one such page that provides you will all kinds of facts irrespective of the topic. It has amassed 2.1 million followers over the years. On the page, you will be able to get facts on topics from cinema to food and music to politics, just from this one page. This is a must follow Instagram page.

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The last page that is a must-follow Instagram page is IndianJammers. The page upload videos from young creators, musicians, singers across India. Apart from supporting upcoming musicians, the page also caters to an audience that would like to hear not only new tunes, but old classics too.       

If you are a budding singer, you can DM them your video and if you’re lucky, you might get featured.

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