Best Free Offline Games on Android 2021

Sonic on Play Store

Best Free Offline Games on Android/ Google Play Store 2021

Do you also feel the same thing when you in an airplane that why the hell I don’t have any offline games on my phone? Everything I have needs a data connection. For the same reason, I thought of compiling a list of games for you that you can play next time you are out of data or in a data-less zone. Although I must warn you that some of these games need a good amount of space or some have in-app purchases too. Here goes-

1. Eternium

Eternium on Play Store

Eternium is an action RPG game and is regarded as one of the best action games on Android. The goal of the game is to hunt down your arch-enemy Ragadam and his dangerous plans. You can enjoy the animalistic satisfaction of responsive, fast-paced combat, with spectacular special effects, great sounds, all set against immersive backdrops and stirring music scores.

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2. Sonic Dash

Mindless jumping and racing, who doesn’t like that? If you do not like a strategy-based game and want to enjoy some senseless, fun, running game, SonicDash is perfect for you. Originated from the time we used to play video games, this game isn’t new to anyone. Owned by the very famous SEGA Games, this game is about Sonic the hedgehog who runs, dashes, jumps, spins to dodge hazards, jump over barriers, and speed around loop de loops.

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3. Fallout Shelter

This is a simulation game which is developed by Bethesda Game Studios and available across devices. In Fallout Shelter, your responsibility is to keep the dwellers of an underground vault happy. The game provides you the utilities which is seen on the screen but the rest is up to you to lead the dwellers to a brighter future.

Fallout Shelter

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4. Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower

This game is more like revenge of the princess who was always locked inside the prison. She has got a Thor like hammer in her hand and can break the skulls of the enemies and the bricks of the walls. As your journey progresses, the enemies get stronger. If you fail to beat them, you have to begin from the top of the tower again. This feminine version of the retro games is fun to play!

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5. Occidental Heroes

This is a rogue like strategy RPG game. You take control of a party of heroes and travel across the Occident completing jobs and taking out enemies on your quest for fame and fortune. It’s a simple game than other RPG games and doesn’t have a lot of menus and stats. If you’re into slow narrative RPG game, this one is for you.

Occidental heroes

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