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Best face wash for men under ₹500

Taking care of our face is an essential daily routine that each of us should follow- be it men or women. In the past, men did not have much choice in the range of products available for their usage. However, recently this has changed and all big consumer brands have a dedicated range of products for men. In fact, this is a growing market and brands are focusing on ONLY pocket-friendly men grooming products. Check out these facewashes for men and that too under ₹500 with a 4+ rating from users on online sites.

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert White Activ Brightening Foam

Best face wash for men under ₹500

The white active foam cleanses all impurities to brighten the skin. The Active defence system helps to fight daily skin issues. It is infused with Pro Exfoliatine which smoothens the irregularities on the skin and helps stimulate natural desquamation. The 100ml version is available for ₹499 on Amazon.

The Man Company Charcoal Face Wash With Ylang-Ylang & Argan

Best face wash for men under ₹500

If you are looking for deep cleaning for your face, a face wash with activated charcoal should be chosen. It helps in unclogging the pores and thereby preventing pimples, removing dead skin cells, and removing harmful bacteria from your skin. Along with charcoal, this face wash has the goodness of argan oil and ylang-ylang oil. It costs ₹275 for 100ml and is available on Amazon.

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Beardo Naturals Skin Hydrating Aloe Vera Facewash

Best face wash for men under ₹500 |

If you are looking for a product for daily use which is gentle on your skin, try this natural aloe vera facewash. It has antioxidants to hydrate your skin and soothe redness/irritation/inflammation. It gently cleans and refreshes the skin. Its 100%vegan(if that matters) and soap-free. It is very competitively priced and the 100ml version is available for ₹239.

Himalaya Men Face & Beard Wash

Best face wash for men under ₹500

This face wash caters to the ones who want to care about their skin and the beard too. The key ingredients are aloe vera and coconut water. Aloe vera conditions the facial hair and soothes any irritation. Coconut water helps in deep cleaning for a refreshed skin. This combination is not only gentle on the skin but also is effective on rough coarse beards. The brand is well known for its natural ayurvedic products and trusted by many. The 80ml version is available for ₹144 on Amazon.

NIVEA Men Face Wash for Oily Skin, Oil Control for 12hr Oil Control with 10x Vitamin C Effect

Best face wash for men under ₹500

This one claims to be specifically designed for Indian skin. It provides 12hour oil control and has Vitamin C up to 95%. This helps in lightening the discoloration of the skin leaving an even and fair tone. The 100gm tube is available for ₹159 on Amazon

Get into the skincare regime with these products and choose the one that suits your requirement/skin type. Do follow/read the instructions of the manufacturer for the usage of the product to derive the best results!

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