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Best Cycle Brands in India for Beginners

There are many ways to be physically fit and cycling has evolved as one of the alternate ways to be fit than slogging it out in the gym. Cycling or any other physical activity prevents diseases such as heart problems, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and others.

Cycling is a low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by going out in nature and having trips with your buddies to the burbs of a city. It can also be done by people of all ages. Also, it is fun, cheap, and good for the environment, if you use it as a mode for traveling.

Let’s look at some of the cycle brands that you can purchase if you want to take up cycling as a beginner.

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Avon Bicycles GEN now

Best cycle brands in India for beginners |

The bicycle brand was started by the Pahwa brothers in 1948 to provide common an affordable means of mobility. Over the years the business expanded, and Avon is known to make high-tech cycles with consistent quality and effective after-sales service.

You can look at buying the GEN Now which has Dual Disc Brake and Front Suspension 26T Bicycle, 17.5” Frame, 26-inch wheel.

Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid City Cycle

Best cycle brands in India for beginners |

Firefox brand was acquired by Hero Cycles in 2015 but it still remains as a separate brand under the Hero umbrella. The Voya Hybrid has an aluminum alloy frame with lightweight double-wall rims. Voya is an Alloy Hybrid bike that offers the functionality of casual city cycling. This stylish bike is a great choice for a daily commute.

Under the Firefox brand, you can also look at their one more model called-

Firefox Bikes Grunge-D , 27.5T Mountain Cycle

Best cycle brands in India for beginners |

The Firefox Grunge D is built on an MTB-specific steel frame which is Sturdy and durable. The frame offers good stability. The bike is equipped with a mechanical disc -brake for power braking, double-wall rims for extra strength, seat QR for easy saddle adjustment.

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Hercules 17

Best cycle brands in India for beginners |

Best known for BSA, the Hercules brand was established in 1949 by the Murugappa Group in collaboration with Tube Investments (UK). Hercules 17 is made from aluminum along with magnesium alloy tires and also features front and rear disc brakes. The bicycle comes in a semi-assembled form and the handle along with the pedals need to be tightened for a better grip of the bicycle and assembly.

This aluminum MTB comes with a double disc brake mechanism and comes in medium and large frame sizes. This rodeo bike also has 21-speed easy fire thumb shifters and a Shimano gear system.

Kross Xceed

Kross Xceed

Kross is another brand under the umbrella of Hero cycles(technically under Hero Eco). From neoteric aerodynamic designs, mesmerizing graphics, hi-tech features to eye-catching colours, Kross road bikes offer everything which a true biker needs and demands.

Attractive sporty frame design for durability and safety. Side handlebar ends for safety and protecting the cycle when it falls down, Wide and anti-skid pedals for better and firm grip of the footwear. Pu foam saddle with spring for extra comfort and cushioning. The bicycle is best suited for fast daily commutes and faster Weekend rides with a sturdy and robust steel frame that is less prone to damage and easy to maintain in the long run. Anti-skid tires with unique grippers for slippery riding conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is cycling good for health?

Answer- Cycling regularly is good for health. It’s a good cardio exercise for your body. Cycling can prevent diseases such as heart problems, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and others. If cycling is not suiting your body and you have constant body pain, you should consult a doctor.

Q2. Which kind of cycle should you buy?

Answer- There are different kinds of cycles from mountain bikes to off-road bikes to road bikes. You need to select the right bicycle according to your need. The cycle should also be chosen according to your age, height, and budget.

Q3. Which is the best kind of cycle for fitness?

Answer- You can choose road cycles if you are looking to buy them for fitness.

Q4. Which is the best bike for older people?

Answer- Older people should opt for lightweight cycles. They can also choose a hybrid model which has greater stability, comfort and ease of riding.

Q5. Which is the best cycle for off-roading?

Answer- Mountain bicycles are best for off-roading. Their flat handlebar, low gear range, and shock absorber are designed for off-road trails.


The article mentions some of the brands that are good for daily use and commute. Although there are many other models under these brands which can suit you. One can also choose the cycle according to their requirement, comfort, height, etc. If you know of good models of cycles for daily use do comment.

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