Angelina Jolie’s Daughter Inspires More Inclusive Shades in Atelier Jolie Clothing Line

• Introduction
• Jolie’s realization of the need for inclusivity
• Atelier Jolie’s inclusivity initiatives
• Family involvement in the project
• The impact of Atelier Jolie
• Conclusion


Angelina Jolie, the Oscar-winning actress, partnered with iconic French fashion label Chloé to launch Atelier Jolie. In a recent interview with Vogue, Jolie discussed how her daughter Zahara inspired her to create a more inclusive clothing line. Zahara’s suggestion to offer a wider range of skin tone shades for the trademark slip dress made Jolie realize the fashion industry’s need for more inclusivity. Through her capsule collection, Jolie emphasizes the importance of ethical production and supports artisans and craftspeople. With this initiative, Jolie hopes to change industry standards and promote inclusive clothing lines.

Jolie’s realization of the need for inclusivity:

Angelina Jolie’s new collection with Chloé, Atelier Jolie, was inspired by her daughter Zahara. During a shopping trip with her daughter, Jolie realized that many people may face difficulty matching clothes to their skin tones. This experience helped her understand the significance of inclusivity in the fashion industry. As a white woman, such an experience had never crossed her mind. Jolie’s newfound understanding prompted her to offer a wider range of shades for the signature slip dress that the collection has become famous for. The fashion industry has a long way to go regarding inclusivity, and Atelier Jolie’s inclusivity initiatives aim to change that. Inclusion in the fashion industry should no longer be considered a trend, but rather a crucial aspect that should be part of the conversation around fashion.

Atelier Jolie’s inclusivity initiatives

Atelier Jolie’s inclusivity initiatives go beyond just recognizing the need for inclusive clothing lines. The brand’s signature slip dress now caters to a wider range of skin tones, thanks to Angelina Jolie and her daughter Zahara’s realization during a shopping trip. This stands as a significant step towards diversity in fashion and representation, especially in a time where brands are held accountable for their inclusivity measures. Additionally, Atelier Jolie’s collection boasts of materials sourced sustainably and ethically, indicating the brand’s commitment to responsible production practices. The line also enlists the support of various artisans and craftspeople, highlighting their work and the need for supporting such communities. In conclusion, Atelier Jolie’s inclusivity initiatives offer a unique approach to fashion that many brands need, making diversity a crucial aspect of the industry. The brand’s efforts and the involvement of Jolie’s family in the project emphasize the significance of shared family ventures and influential voices. Ultimately, Atelier Jolie stands as a positive step towards making fashion an inclusive and ethical landscape.

Angelina Jolie | saureal.com

Family involvement in the project

The Atelier Jolie project has been a family affair. Angelina Jolie’s children, Pax, Zahara, and even Knox, have all played a role in the project, whether as a sounding board or by sharing their opinions on certain aspects of the collection. However, it was Zahara who had the most significant influence. Her suggestion to include more skin tone shades for the trademark slip dress showed Jolie that there was room for more inclusivity in the fashion industry. It highlights the importance of having diverse perspectives and voices when creating an inclusive product. Shared family ventures are becoming increasingly popular, and Atelier Jolie is an excellent example of the success that can come from having a family-involved project. It brings a unique and personal touch that resonates with consumers and sets it apart from other fashion lines.

Angelina Jolie | saureal.com

The impact of Atelier Jolie

Atelier Jolie’s inclusive shade range has the potential to change industry standards for fashion. With Angelina Jolie’s influence and support, the collection aims to include a wider range of skin tones in its signature slip dress. The positive reception and response towards the launch is a testament to the demand for inclusivity in the fashion industry. Atelier Jolie’s commitment to ethical and sustainable production further showcases the potential for socially responsible fashion.

saureal.com | Angelia Jolie


In a world where inclusivity and diversity are becoming essential values, Angelina Jolie’s Atelier Jolie clothing line brings a refreshing take on fashion. With its initiative to provide a wider range of skin tone shades for the trademark slip dress and a commitment to sustainable and ethical production, Jolie proves that fashion can be luxurious and ethical at the same time. This project has been a family affair, highlighting the importance of shared family ventures. This clothing line’s impact seems to go beyond the industry standards. It sets a high bar for clothing lines’ inclusivity, driven by influential voices like Angelina Jolie.

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