5 Free Websites College Students Must Use

If you are new to college, it is quite expected that you will end up feeling the pressure and the stress by the end of your first week itself. You will have to complete a lot of assignments and for these assignments, you will have to access resources that can help you finish them faster. We have created a list of 5 free websites college students must use that will take the stress away from them. All of them are completely free-to-use and offer services that you wish you had since your first day. So, read ahead and enlighten yourself. 


Unsplash | 5 Free Websites College Students Must Use

It’s a free website that allows you to download images on virtually any topic. All images are high-resolution pictures and you are free to download them according to size (large, medium, small or original). You can even like photos or add them to your own collection.


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Slugbooks | 5 Free Websites College Students Must Use

SlugBooks is a website that complies the prices of different college textbooks and compares them- offering students a chance to buy the cheapest option available. Apart from this option of buying books, you can also sell old textbooks you no longer need- all you need to do is offer a very competitive price. The site also lets you buy e-books and rent books.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar | 5 Free Websites College Students Must Use

Google Scholar is…. well, essentially Google for Scholars. It’s a search engine that indexes almost every piece of scholarly literature in existence. It basically offers research papers, scholarly articles, journals and books in different formats and disciplines. So, the next time you start worrying about how you can’t reference your beloved Wikipedia, you know where to turn.


Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

If you are bookworm and are running out of titles to read from your physical library, this free online site is for you. Project Gutenberg was set up in 1971 and claims to be the oldest digital library in existence. It offers 60,000 free e-books for readers to choose from. Most of the books are in the English language, but some non-English titles exist too. So, if you are a literature student or just another passionate reader, this is where you can get all the old classics from.     


Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor | 5 Free Websites College Students Must Use

If your course is heavy on writing, reviewing or editing numerous articles, Hemingway Editor might just be the perfect website for you. It is a free site that allows you to write or edit articles correctly. Everything from the format to the use of passive voice is reviewed and marked. It also grades your articles to let you know how well-written it is.       


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